Music Review: Abigail Duhon by Abigail Duhon

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May 04, 2017  
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Music Review: Abigail Duhon by Abigail Duhon
Abigail Duhon - "I'm Not Ashamed" (Official Music Video)

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Into The Light
Dance Up (Feat. Spencer Kane)
Give Me More
I'm Not Ashamed
More Than Gold

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Abigail discovered her passion for music immediately after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the family home and nearly took every natural possession they owned. At only six years old during the crisis, she awoke to hear a song in her heart and wrote out lyrics as a reflection on their sudden circumstances. The song was titled "BEAUTIFUL" and would become one of her first original songs on her debut album released at the tender age of ten.

A dancer since she was two years old, Abigail quickly incorporated her passion for music with a beat and her Christian lyrics to become one of the youngest teen artists to have a Christian song reach the top 100 Billboard Singles charts in 2014. Her second album, "RIGHT NOW", combined pop music with EDM and dubstep elements to create an exciting alternative for tweens desiring to listen to a secular sound but with faith based lyrics.

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