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Updated May 07, 2019

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By 2018 Feed’Em has released 4 videos “Keep that” and “That’s where I be at” featured on Rapzilla , he performs consistently at Creation Fest, Bright Light Fest, and most recently BCDO. His path to the industry has been far from glamorous. As a troubled child, an opportunity to participate in a NEET (young people Not in Education Employment or Training) music course propelled his desire to work in music management, following his passion Feed’Em born Tracy Lenga graduated with a First Class honours at London College of Music.

His anticipated debut EP "Murder The Flesh" comes out 12th November 2018 , currently working behind the scenes for Zoe Records and teaching music to 13-19 year olds on a gang prevention project with Divine Purpose Charity. Feed’Em (feed them) stems from Matthew 4:4, “man shall not live on bread alone but every world that comes out of the mouth of God”. The aim is simple to feed the culture with substance!

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Murder The Flesh by Feed 'Em
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From West London comes the debut EP for Tracy Lenga who goes by the name of Feed 'Em. Originally from the Congo, as a teenager he moved to London he developed an interest in hip-hop and also got involved in the harsh life on London's streets. He got involved in a youth project called NEET which fueled his love for music and that resulted in him studying and getting a First Class Honours from the London School of Music. His first mixtape was called "You Can Know The Half" which was released in 2016 and no he is a back bringing a 7-track EP full of Grime, Rap and Hip-Hop styles which has a hard-hitting title and message. He's not going gently as he calls for us and himself to "Murder The Flesh" with this new release which includes a striking image on the cover which sees a cartoon image murdering his doppelganger with an axe!

In the first twist of the EP this artist starts off with the first track called "Outro". This track shows the theme of the project straight away as he talks about walking away from the way he had been living and that there is a change and that he won't be coming back to how his life was. Feed 'Em likes slightly discordant chimes and effects as it is the introduction to the first two tracks, although there are slightly different tones to each track. "That's Where I Be At" is a track which highlights the way that he is living his life and the need to convey his faith in God. Talking to people around him, the people that he is trying to reach with his message he realises that there is a disconnect and distrust of both religion and Jesus. The culture has very different expectations and values!

The track "JCOE" stands for the words that open this number - "Jesus Christ Over Everything". In this track some people may immediately pick up on the fact that he uses the phrase "p***ed off". For some Christians this will cause them to overlook the message that he is trying to bring here. The idea is that in his life, his professional work and his life, he gives everything to Christ and he lives to lift up Jesus' name in it all. The title track is "Murder The Flesh pt 2" which reminds us that we need to use the Bible as a weapon in our lives and we have to die to ourselves. This theme continues through "NBD" which stands for "Never Back Down" starting with a similar melody theme to the first couple of tracks on this release. This is about having a boldness in our relationship with God and the message that we have to take out into the world. The demonstration of love to the 'frenemy' and realising that the battle in our own lives, and taking the word out, is with the Spiritual realm. 

"No Way" starts with the opening lines of the famous "I Have A Dream Speech" from Martin Luther King. Using this inspirational speech s a starter this tune demonstrates that a God-filled Christian should be able to take a stand against the injustices they see around them. As with all the tracks on this album, the lyrics hit home hard and demonstrate the way that a love for Jesus should be changing our outlook on life. The album finishes off with a track called "Casting Crownz" which is different to anything else on this album with a beautiful gospel flavoured female vocal from Chi O.  The rap between the choruses from Feed 'Em is about coming before God and making himself a sacrifice for the people he serves and wants to reach out to, but ultimately it's not for their benefit, but for God. This is a nice and gentle end to what is a hard-hitting collection of songs.

This EP has a style that will be at home with a lot of people who listen to other Grime artists from outside the church and there is a balance of message, partly for those who need to hear the truth about the Gospel, but also an inspiration and challenge to those who know Christ. The challenge is that we are meant to change, the things that never used to bother us in the world, and in ourselves, should bother us. We should take a stand against those things inside us to 'die to self' or 'murder the flesh' and as we do so we should also have a passion to see those around us released from their bondage too. The way we walk our daily lives should be to God's glory.

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