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Updated September 08, 2018
Morning will Come

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“It is my passion and call to lead others to experience God’s crazy love through corporate worship, music (including original songs), discipleship, and Biblical teaching, and to raise up other worship leaders to do the same."

It’s finally finished. 7 years in the making. Songs representing all 10 years of the past decade. 7 producers, in 5 different studios, with dozens of guest musicians & other friends taking part. Let me introduce you to... Morning will Come.

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Morning Will Come by Saint Lewis
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You know when you have that dream that it seems God never allows you to quite let go of? I think this EP is one of those. This recording was originally funded through $5,000 raised on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter back in 2011. The release date finally came around in May 2018, that's quite a development time for any project! I am not sure what took so long from inception and funding through to final release, but actually I am pretty sure that these songs will not disappoint in theme or execution.

In fact some readers may already be familiar with some of these songs, because a few of them have already been released as singles and have done reasonably well for an independent artist. The track "Your Mighty Hand" got the attention of Billboard when it was released as a radio single and "Your Will" sold over 500 downloads upon it's first day of release. A number of these songs that have been released as singles have been picked up and used for worship around the world.

"Joy In The Morning" kicks off this recording with something we can all identify with. Waking up with the stresses and burdens of yesterday still weighing us down, and recalling that there is meant to be joy in the morning. The morning isn't necessarily the physical morning, but at these times we can choose to sing God's praise anyway. This reminds us that we have a choice with how we face things, but we can be certain that God, in his faithfulness, will come through with the promise of joy. It is this theme of faithfulness that comes out in "Your Mighty Hand" which is a solid worship song reminding us God's presence in our lives, even in the toughest time. His hand is mighty saving us from everything that we might come up against in the natural or supernatural.

The opening to "You Won't Stop!" remix is a bit of an odd choice that isn't really reflected through the rest of the song. This song features Ascension Worship which brings a great female vocal into the mix to compliment Saint Lewis' voice. This song reminds us that God simply will not stop loving us, no matter what we do, it's that simple, but also sometimes a reminder we need! "Your Will" is a simple song of surrender that we should all aspire to be able to live out, that we will live for God's will alone in our lives. He lays Jesus' sacrifice out as an example of following God's will, which is of course the ultimate example. This reminds me of a youth group song when you have a group that is completely on fire for Jesus. When I was in that part of my life it was Matt Redman and Tim Hughes songs that fired us up, but I could imagine this song being used in this kind of group. The next track "When This Day Ends" is a reminder that God is on our side, and that beyond this life we have a hope, but it's God's faithful presence in our lives that is reflected on. 

The title track is a soaring, mid-tempo praise song which takes us back to the beginning, with the reminder that "Morning Will Come", it's not a conditional thing, after the dark night morning will arrive. The desire is to wake up to that joy, to see what glory God has to show us. "Wandering Heart" is a reimagined version of this song, having never heard the original it's hard to know why this was revised. It's got one of those industrial sounds with the percussion and a very appealing overarching sound with the vocals desperately, passionately asking for a personal revival and a drawing of his heart back to Jesus. It's a track that you will find yourself nodding your head and tapping your feet as it progresses at the very least. I haven't mentioned much about style on this album but this one has a lovely gritty feel with some great guitars. The reprise from the end of the Lord's prayer just caps this whole track brilliantly. The album finishes off with another view of God as the "Faithful One" which looks at the creative power of God and how that from that first moment God has shown his faithfulness.

This is a great album of hope that avoids many of the traditional worship tropes that many albums fall into. Saint Lewis voice is very easy to listen to through this whole release. Originally this was intended to be just 6 tracks which has expanded to 8 and given it's taken 7 years to get to this point I think that's a good compromise. There should be more to come from Saint Lewis and I hope that it doesn't take another extended period before he is releasing another set of very appealing songs for personal worship and corporate worship.

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