Music Review: Miracle or Not by Alisa Turner

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Updated July 28, 2018
Alisa Turner - Miracles (Official Lyric Video)

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“I know that You love me, miracle or not.” These hard, faith-filled lyrics anchor the title song and the entire 13-track album, a purposeful choice for Turner who battles chronic pain due to Lyme Disease. She knows the peace and love of God through every struggle and chooses to praise Him all the more.

“Whether or not God has answered your prayer or you’re still waiting for your miracle, He is still good and He’s still going to see you through... I’m living proof!,” says Turner. “I’m still waiting for my miracle but I’m praising Him because He’s here with me in in the pain, in the fire... and He’ll be with you. He’s still working no matter the circumstances.”

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Miracle Or Not by Alisa Turner
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Back in December I gave a very positive review of Alisa Turners debut self-titled EP. You can read that review here. The reason I am linking to that previous release is because this debut album includes many of the tracks from that EP. "Miracle Or Not" even starts with the same track as the EP with "Lift My Eyes". While it is the same song though it is not the same recording as this version has much more musical flourish, thankfully it doesn't detract from what is a very powerful song of encouragement. The only track from the EP that didn't make it onto this full length album is "More Than Gonna Make It". I am not really going to comment on the songs that were included on the EP, for that you can read the previous review.

"Miracles" is the first of the new tracks and this is written by a great combination of writers which include Chris Quilala and Stu Garrard. It's a song of trust in the God of miracles, again it's a song of affirmation for someone seeking hope. It's got a rocky feel as Alisa repeats the lyrics "His life is flowing through my veins" reminding us that the God of miracles is choosing to live in us. "Only My Jesus" sounds absolutely nothing like a Spiritual in the way it is recorded, but when reading the lyrics it does remind me of one of those songs that are born out of incredible hardship. The song which features Leslie Jordan, formerly of All Sons & Daughters, really brings an inspirational, uplifting worship track and sounds brilliant as they sing together through the chorus.

There is no doubt that Alisa has a theme to her songs, it's about the hardship of life and the promises that are fulfilled in God through Jesus. For those who are suffering in this life through illness or tragedy it offers a reminder of the safety found in the Saviours arms, this is the case with the track "Safe". These songs are needed in the church today because life doesn't run smoothly, and there is an element of this that you know has been the case for Alisa. The title track deals with some elements of faith that are harder to swallow, when you hear about a God who works miracles in the Bible, and for others that you hear wondrous testimonies about, but for you it seems there is no let up, God doesn't seem to be coming through for you. "Miracle or Not" is a brave declaration that even though there may be no breakthrough or healing, a decision is made to trust and love God whether he performs that miracle that you have requested or not. This song while it is unmistakably made her own, was actually written by Lou Fellingham, Mark Alan Schoolmeesters and Michael Farren, but this is the perfect combination and it's a track that after a couple of listens through you will be singing along too!

Alisa has a great almost whisper quality to her vocal which makes a worship track about the cross like "What A Day" stand out from the thousands of songs that rightly sing about that moment of sacrifice from our saviour. It's a song of triumph and celebration of what was accomplished and sealed with an empty grave. A great worship song, and if you are looking for something different for Easter next year then this would be a great option! "Louder" is another song for someone who is suffering and wants to build themselves up and arm themselves for their personal battle. This looks at the nature of worship itself as a way to silence the voices of the enemy. Like "Miracle or Not" it's a declaration over your own life that singing out worship will fortify you, and that you will sing God's praise until the assault is over, it declares positivity over your own life.

There are only a couple more new tracks because the end of the album seems to be tracks from the EP. "Forever Holy" is another beautiful worship song, backed by piano and Violin this really maximises Alisa's vocals. They are absolutely beautiful throughout the album, but particularly this song gives a powerful vulnerability to the worship that is sung. "Loved" is about realising the love that surrounds us, sometimes we fight it because we can't understand how God could possibly love us, but He does anyway!

This album is absolutely chock-full of powerful anthems and declarations about how faithful God is. Even in those moments when we can't see the way forward through our own pain, or while we wait for our miracle and breakthrough. I cannot find anything critical to say about any single song on this album, it's pure gold and much needed within the church today. The powerful title track challenges that idea that many of us get into our heads to bargain with God to perform something miraculous in our lives. It carries a complete honesty, but ultimately says that we love God for all our days, because He is worthy of it, whether or not He does what we so desperately want.

The only reason that this album doesn't get a perfect 10 is because of the songs that have been previously released on the EP which brings down the originality, especially if you already have the EP. If you don't have the EP then you should be buying this album and listening to it and then buy it again and give it to someone you know at your church who is going through a tough time. Yes, it's that good!

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