Music Review: Mighty by Kristene DiMarco

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December 29, 2015
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Music Review: Mighty by Kristene DiMarco
Kristene DiMarco - Mighty (Live)

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Jesus, Your Love
Eyes On You
Be Still
I Will Follow You
It Is Well
Song Of Your Love
Carry Me
Lily's Song (Praise The Lord)
Over And Over Again

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Jesus Culture Music presents Kristene DiMarco’s very first full length live album. Featuring 12 compelling worship songs, Kristene writes from a place that carries the message of hope, trust, and the power of God through all circumstances.

In tracks such as, “Eyes On You”, we sing of our trust in Jesus who is with us through seasons of both laughter and pain. Anthems such as, “Over And Over Again” and “Song Of Your Love” are declarations of praise to God who always comes through and is always on time. The title track “Mighty” powerfully declares the mightiness of God, and that death has no power because of His victory. This album is ground shaking worship that will stir up tremendous faith, and bring you back to the truth of God’s powerful love and the undeniable comfort that comes from the Holy Spirit.

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Mighty from Kristene DiMarco
(Updated: October 12, 2016)
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There is no messing around on this album, straight from the get-go the listener is thrust into a passionate worship anthem from Kristene DiMarco. Many listeners may already be familiar with Kristene, but I wasn't - but this album serves as a great introduction and so does that first track "Jesus, Your Love".

This is Kristene's first 'worship' album which is a live recording. Although there is not a huge amount of the 'live' experience compared to John Mark McMillan's "Live At The Knight" there is evidence of the passion that comes out when singing in front of a large crowd. There are a few noises from the audience, but no links between songs or anything similar. However I think in this case anything like that would have detracted from the worship here.

The first few tracks really are powerful and uplifting tracks, I particularly liked the second track "Eyes On You" which reminds us that this is where we should always keep our focus in both the good times (laughter) and bad (the pain). The focus of the production is clearly driving the lyrics home, making sure they are crystal clear and this comes through - some live albums sometimes lose that clarity, but definitely not on this album. Sometimes it can seem like the producers are having an internal battle between the vocals and the musical backing, here though it seems just right as powerful chords and accompaniment work together to push the vocals forward.

There are many strong songs on this album with clear praise, worship and gospel messages as you head through after so many anthems and power tracks in a row the lighter vocal and music of "I Will Follow You" comes as a welcome change of pace.

For those who love their hymns it is possible you will see "It Is Well" and wonder if Kristene has attempted a version of Philip Bliss famous song. Of course this is a song that has been covered by many Christian artists in the last 30 years. Here though Kristene simply borrows the reprise from that song towards the end of the track.Instead this song reminds us that despite the things that we are going through right now "the wind and waves still know His name". This reprise brings Kristene back to the powerful anthem style of the first few tracks.

Bringing in a familiar reprise is something that she does a couple of tracks on as she picks "I'm Leaning on the everlasting arms" in "Carry Me""and actually thinking about it she also does this with the earlier "Eyes On You" where she also borrows from a hymn.

Personally I enjoyed a number of the tracks contained here and they work well individually, as a whole this album is a little overwhelming, but not in a good way. I think some variance of style and moving some tracks away from the anthemic power ballads might have served better. Many of these songs have found their way into my worship playlist, just mixed up with other tracks to soften them a little!

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