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Updated May 20, 2019
Safe (Official Lyric Video)
Mel Crothers - Mountains (Official Lyric Video)

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Mel Crothers is an Australian Christian singer/songwriter and worship leader.

Known for her soaring vocals and powerful performances, Mel is passionate about sharing the life giving message of the gospel through music to both Christians and non-Christian alike.

Over the years Mel’s musical style may have shifted but her purpose has always remained the same; that through her music and testimony of God’s faithfulness in her life people would draw near to him and worship. And that is exactly what Mel hope people will find as they listen to her latest EP release.

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Mel Crothers EP by Mel Crothers
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This is a self-titled EP from Australian singer/songwriter Mel Crothers. Although Mel is Australian this release was recorded and produced in Nashville and some of the songs included are written by some well-known artists like Francesca Battistelli and Dara Maclean. Mel is not a newcomer on the scene, although possibly not so well known outside of her native country, she has released 2 previous albums called "Neolight" and "Faithful".

The new EP has 5 tracks starting off with "Safe". This is the shortest track on the album and gives a nice upbeat feel with some light EDM touches to the music. As you can imagine from the title the song is about feeling safe in God, because He already knows all about us and we can't hide ourselves or these things from Him. When God comes after us despite our problems and issues it's never out of judgement but always out of great love, something we can never lose. There is safety in a relationship where you know no matter what, you are loved. One of the simplest teachings of Jesus to hear, but the hardest to see in our lives, is found in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark where Jesus says if we have faith as tiny as a mustard seed, we can command a mountain to move and it will. Did Jesus mean this literally? I have faith and there are still many mountains that I have commanded and they are still there! So the next track, "Mountains" is a song that reminds us of this promise and that God has given us the faith to overcome, in this song we can declare "Bold as lions we shout to the mountains, 'You Will Move'". This is a slower song than the first track of the EP, but it is a definite faith-builder reminding us that the work has already been done and the victory was accomplished at the Cross over whatever mountain is in our lives.

We so often get defeated really easily, especially when we hit a hard time in our lives. "Still Alive" reminds us that we have hope, we don't need to get defeated by every little or big knock. Our faith can give way and collapse at times, but as long as we are alive then we need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. We have to hold onto the promise that no matter what happens, as long as our heart beats and our lungs breathe, then it is not the end. God can and will cause us to rise from the ruins. This song is an absolutely beautiful demonstration of the best of Mel's vocal talent, especially the way the chorus soars. "You Are" also has this great vocal style, but there is a lot more going on in the background that distracts the attention from the great soaring vocal performance. This song is about using our lives for God's purpose, to seeking His will and doing things that will bring Him glory. It's a song of praise and sacrifice as we have grace for where we miss something we were meant to do, and His guidance to lead us into the next thing.

Sovereign over broken moments 
present in my deepest pain 
you speak to me and I’m reminded you never change 
These are words of inspiration from the last track on this EP called "I Am Held" which is just another reminder that God is sovereign in every moment, and that He will never let us down. Sometimes it seems, in the moment, that God is nowhere to be seen, we have to hold on in faith, because He is faithful, strong and for us. In every season we are held. Our hope is in God, and in His word for everything that we walk through, because God does not change.

This whole album is designed to uplift us in our faith. The songs remind us that God is always faithful and we can rely on Him in every moment. He sees us when we are down or when we fail and He doesn't come to us with conviction, but love. These tracks are so encouraging and uplifting, but we need them to be familiar, if possible before we hit that difficult spot so we can sing out God's love and faithfulness to us and declare the authority that we have been granted through Jesus death. Sometimes it is putting something like this to music that builds our faith much more than hearing 15 sermons on the principles! It is our faith and belief (albeit just the size of a mustard seed) that needs to be activated and music does this as we sing out in defiance of circumstances that feel overwhelming.

This is a great EP that is all too short. Mel really has a beautiful voice, this combined with the positive, life-affirming words and backing are bound to lift your day if you will add it to your playlist!

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