Music Review: Marble & Mortar (vol. 1) by 29:11 Worship

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Updated April 03, 2019
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29:11 Worship is a collective of singers, songwriters, musicians and worship leaders who desire to connect our community with the heart of God. Through authentic lyrics, creative melodies, and passionate expression, they seek to cultivate a worship experience that stirs both the heart and spirit of the listener. Having been birthed from a church plant, they faithfully serve their local community at 29:11 Church in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Marble & Mortar Vol. 1 by 29:11 Worship
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There were over 60 volunteers all involved in the production of this new live album coming from worship leaders and team from 2911 Church which has 2 campuses in Arizona. This is a collection of original worship tracks on their volume one of what is expected to be a 2-part set.

The first track is soaked in synth as the vocalist encourages that we do not need to fear the night, we just fix our eyes on God as our guiding "Compass". It's a bit of a reflective track that really didn't sit well with me as an opening track to the album. "Rise Up" is a bit more what I expected from this album with a punchy beat and a song that is about our promotion in Jesus which would sit well in a youth service. This drop back a bit for the next track "Beatitudes" which focuses on the words of Jesus in the well known passage from the book of Matthew. There is a great female vocal, but the synths are a little distracting from the words of worship. The lyrics themselves, as well as going through some of the promises of Jesus for different people, focuses on our need for God alone, to remove the distractions of the world from our worship.

"A Long Way Off" is about the way that God responds to us when we turn to him. Drawing from the story of the Prodigal Son when the Father is watching for his lost son, this song reminds us that the Father saw him a long way off and ran to meet his son. It is this same love that motivates God to greet us when we turn to Him. The song itself though runs for just shy of 8 minutes, and although there is not a huge amount in the second half of the track it keeps the music and the percussion at full volume which is distracting from the worship. The next track does open up some space for some personal worship and reflection in "Selah I (Home)". "Wild" is a beautiful track and the vocals just encourage calm and peace and resting in God's love for us.

The next track will undoubtedly resonate more with the US audience than me in the UK. The song is called "In God We Trust" which is a familiar phrase to all who see it every day printed on their money! The song gently reminds us that we may try and trust many other people and things in our lives, but it is God that is truly faithful and will never let us down. This first volume finishes with "The Fathers Heart" which is a call to the lost to find their hope and security in Him. Again this track is gentle with a full bits of backing swirling music underneath the keys with a gentle male vocal across the top. About quarter of the way through a punchy drum suddenly upsets the peace and becomes quite dominant in the track which is actually a real shame because I think it destroys the atmosphere that was built in the early parts.

There is a lot of potential in this album, but it isn't actually realised here in the way that it could have been. There are some great words and inspirations, but often it is the music and the sound effects that distract from what the worship leader is trying to do. This album is recorded live, but other than the occasional cheering at the end of some song you can easily forget. I am not sure that these tracks and songs are well bedded into the church campuses because if they were I think some of these songs would be changed or re-written or have different arrangements. Still this is a good solid start for this new worship team and worth checking out.

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