Music Review: Make Us One by Lydia DiCas, Rich DiCas

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November 23, 2017
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Music Review: Make Us One by Lydia DiCas, Rich DiCas
All Things New | Rich & Lydia Dicas | Lyric Video

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Make Us One
Into Your Arms
All Things New
Kingdom Come (Lift Up Your Heads)
With Me (David's Song)
The Glory In The Grief

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Rich & Lydia Dicas are wild worshippers whose hearts burn to see God's love transform people wherever they go. Having experienced the incredible healing power of the Father's love, they are passionate about seeing the most broken and abused come into freedom and fullness of life

Their debut EP Make Us One will be released worldwide on 22nd September 2017. Featuring Kingdom Come, Into Your Arms, All Things New, With Me (David's Song) and Make Us One

Rich & Lydia first met in Holland back in 2009 - they have been married for 6 years and are parents to River and David Joshua.

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Make Us One by Rich and Lydia DiCas
(Updated: November 29, 2017)
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I have been aware of Rich Dicas since the Flux EP from KXC worship team which featured a song led by Rich and also the amazing "Kingdom Come (Lift Up Your Heads)". Having experienced this track live at a couple of local events became a bit of a worship anthem for me last year. So when I found out that Rich and Lydia were working together to self-produce an EP, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. They financed the recording and distribution through a Kickstarter campaign and recorded the album around their busy work and family life. The result is a great showcase of thoughtful worship.

As Rich and Lydia are husband and wife, and worked together on this release, I thought that "Make Us One" might be a song about moving deeper into a marital relationship, but I was wrong. It's about identifying with other people, those who surround us in our daily lives, not just our colleagues but the downcast and downtrodden. To reflect Jesus to everyone, and to be united in Him with those around us. There is a catchy chorus which spells it all out for us with such an edge on the vocals that you cannot miss this message. The guitars sit in the background brilliantly filling the sound out and driving the pace of this song forward.

I've heard it said in many, many Church services that you don't need to leave your brains at the door, but then the worship is all about feeling and emotion and rarely engages the grey matter. This EP is worship for those who like to think through the practical outworking of what we have been called to as Christians. What does it really mean to love my neighbour? Over 2000 years since Jesus told us the parable of 'The Good Samaritan' and yet we are still walking across the other side of the street from people we should be loving, or at the very least giving reasons why we shouldn't be loving them because their life choices are different than ours! Through this album Rich and Lydia remind us that we are called to show love to these people and be God's hands in this world.

This idea further solidifies with "Into Your Arms" which slows down the pace but looks at the story of 'The Prodigal Son' and looks at how it was the Father that ran to the Son, he didn't wait for the apology for the reckless lifestyle. He accepted his son as he was, there was no judgement, just love. That love was reciprocated and here the chorus see's us running to the arms of our Father, nothing can stop us! There are some great vocal effects when Rich and Lydia blend their voices, albeit with some mixing magic, but this again makes you sit up and listen. These effects are used with a light touch which means it doesn't feel overdone. The song builds up a steady pace and by the end the chorus reflects the idea of running to the Father. This is just another brilliant track.

"All Things New" is a powerful and positive song about the hope that we have in Jesus as a light in the darkness, this is a song of praise for what God is going to do. With a bridge of "Sing, Sing the Lord is our deliverer / Love will never fail" this is such an uplifting song that I could see being a track that could be used around the world in worship. It's the ultimate Biblical promise of restoration that we all long for. Which leads to the call for "Kingdom Come (Lift Up Your Heads)", it's a natural yearning for the Kingdom to be seen on the Earth.

Psalm 23 has long been a key expression of worship for the church. It is the inspiration behind many songs we sing in the church today, and "With Me (David's Song)" is no different. Often though the songs focus on the first part, the fluffy sheepy bit! The focus for Rich and Lydia is the hope through the 'valley of the shadow of death' moments and that even in that time there is no need to fear because God is still with us. The last track of this album is definitely about one of those moments. Called "The Glory In The Grief" looks at the nature of the death of a loved one. Both of these final songs seem to have been written out of a tragic life event when in 2015 Lydia's brother, David, died in a car accident. This song deals with our reaction when death comes out of nowhere and brings the realisation that there is hope and that God still has a plan and a purpose. Importantly though this terrible thing has happened, God is no less glorious and no less in control.

This is an incredibly powerful recording. It's full of hope, full of life and full of truth. This is a thinking person's worship music. It moves you with the actual music itself, but more with the carefully planned and written words. It's a shame that it is such a short EP, but I love that Rich and Lydia have believed in this project enough to get the finance and work around their family and jobs to bring this message. "Make Us One" is a call to embrace those around us through the love of God, and to see past the hurt of this world to the glory of God in all the earth and in every circumstances - even those that are the hardest to bear.

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