Music Review: Lit by Beacon Light

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Updated February 25, 2017
Music Review: Lit by Beacon Light
Beacon Light - Haters (@beaconmusic) | New Hip Hop 2016

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The Drop
O Lord
Game Time (feat. Dre Murray)
Be That Way
Quite Like Me (feat. Steven Malcolm)

After a few years in the rap game, Beacon Light is ready for the next level. And the next level starts with his new album, Lit. The album is arguably the most urban sound Beacon has ever created. “I grew a lot on this project,” says Beacon.

“I used to box myself in (musically) by what other people thought or said about me. I felt like I had to make music that looked like me because that’s what the industry wanted. This album (Lit) was me just writing songs to any beat I was feeling. If I liked it, I wrote to it. Period.”

The featured single from Lit is a song called Haters. Imagine boom-bap-trap with tribal vocal samples, and crazy lyrical aggression. A large vocabulary over turnt music that makes you drive a little faster when you listen to it, coupled with a great message. “When I wrote Haters the industry was challenging me,” Beacon says. “Certain individuals said I didn’t have what it took. The result was Haters. I want to love the way Jesus loved, but that isn’t always easy. The aggression in this song is the result of a man wrestling with the choice to love when his flesh doesn’t want to. I love the haters. I will choose to love the haters. Even when it’s the hard choice.”

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Beacon Light has a massive story that he wants to communicate through his life and music. Sexual abuse as a young man left him hurting and broken, casting around for something to control he found rap, taking on people in freestyle battles. At the same time he would spend his life partying, getting drunk and using drugs, but the highs were only temporary and too quickly the broken feelings came back. Despite growing up through Christian schooling it wasn't until he had an experience with God that He found healing and an acceptance that would last a lifetime. Since then he has been rapping and playing concerts with the goal to introduce Jesus to people.

Beacon Light has decided that the time has come to move things to the next level, despite some people telling him he would never make it, he has done a great job. Keeping his mission as the primary source behind this album has helped to ground him against these comments, but it also feels like this album is his chance to show people that he does have what it takes with an exceptionally well produced album that hits home with every track.

The improvement in production and a slight change in style is obvious from the opening banging tune "Lit". The Urban Dictionary's definition is "The state of being so intoxicated (regardless of the intoxicating agent) that all the person can do is smile, so that they look lit up like a light." This fits quite well when someone has had a real experience of God's power in their lives. We are meant to be beacons of Jesus, so this fits really well with this track and the artist name too!

The lead single of this album is "Haters" which has some great effects musically as he talks about "I love the haters" it's about the war to love those people who try and knock you down. There are some great sections of this musically as he had a beat bass backing as he goes "la da da da" adding his own punctuation and the hooks in the chorus will have this song in your head for weeks.

Everything gets a little more mellow as "The Drop" starts, but actually this beat allows the words to hammer home as he talks about the life he is determined to live, looking to Jesus whatever may happen, even if ISIS comes, or he would get gunned down on the street, he's still going to pray for his enemies that they would be saved by grace through Jesus. On top of this there is a straight forward message about his understanding of eternal destinations, as well as how worship can lift your spirits. This is quite a complex track that covers a lot of areas.

"O Lord" looks at the reasons why we believe, whilst also looking to the second-coming of Christ. "Game Time" brings Beacon Light's knowledge and love of basketball to the table and applies this metaphor to the Christian life. There's a whole load of high tones which counter the vibrating bass and the beats as they bring in lots of references that I have to say were lost on me!

This album really is a tour-de-force which finishes with "Quite Like Me" which is a very personal track. It features some relentless rapping with bars which he spits quickly. There's great hook with the title, this is another one that you will find yourself singing at random times.

This is definitely a step up for Beacon Light, the production is crystal clear with some great effects and I think Beacon Light has finally arrived. I put this album on loud with my kids in the room and 3 of them were straight away dancing to the beats. So this album also has their seal of approval!

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