Music Review: Like No Other by Inspire Church Worship

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December 14, 2017
Music Review: Like No Other by Inspire Church Worship
Inspire Church Worship "No One Like Our God"
Inspire Church Worship "Running After You"
Inspire Church Worship "We Rise"

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No Eye Has Seen
Now And Forever
No One Like Our God
Running After You
Trust In You
The Day That My Heart Became Yours
Now And Forever
We Rise
In Your Love
Plateaus (Message by Mike Kai)

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Billboard chart toppers and Hawaii-based worship team, Inspire Church Worship is proud to release their new album, Like No Other on DREAM Worship. The 10 song album features 3 studio tracks, 6 live songs and ends with an unbelievably inspirational message from Pastor Mike Kai. The worship team was birthed out of INSPIRE CHURCH on Oahu, Hawaii lead by Senior Pastors Mike and Lisa Kai. With 3 locations on Oahu, one in Manila, Philippines, and Church Online, INSPIRE CHURCH continues to inspire, influence and reach people around the world.

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Like No Other by Inspire Church Worship
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It can be hard to keep track of the churches that are currently on the Dream Worship label and what albums they have released. This album is worship from Inspire Church, a Hawaii based church which has 4 locations plus an online church ministry. I love to have a quick look at the website for a church that is releasing worship music because it can tell you a lot about the background for the style and expression that you are going to see. Inspire Church has auditions for the worship team every month to encourage people to join in this form of service, but what I really liked was the fact that they are actively encouraging their young people to learn acoustic guitar by holding introductory courses! Of course I hope in both of these aspects they are also talking through the spiritual aspects and responsibility of leading worship.

It's clear that this church's worship is inspired by the likes of the other large super-church worship that is put out by groups like Hillsong and Bethel. This album starts out fairly lively and sounds like many other live church worship recordings. "No Eye Has Seen" is very much about the new beginning that we have in Christ as He presents a bright future in the Kingdom. It shifts from singing about this life to worshipping God in the chorus. It seems up to the worshipper to join the dots to really identify what the verses are describing as they kind of feel a bit like disjointed catchphrases from the Bible.

"Now And Forever" is a song that this church clearly loves because this is on track that they have decided to include twice on this album. Firstly as a live recording, but later in the release as a studio version of the track. It's quite an enjoyable worship track which fits well with this collection and it flows well and has a theme of sold-out worship which includes surrender. Where many of these tracks seem to have taken their style inspiration from Hillsong, "Running After You" feels more like a track from Bethel with a female vocalist leading and the music building behind, unfortunately the singer doesn't quite have the same strength and power in their vocal delivery to make this song soar the way that it feels like it should have done. Strangely it is the next song that manages to soar beautifully with what feels like a much stronger female vocal performance as the singer declares unwavering faith that even though the seasons change, God does not and we will "Trust In You".

There is another change of style that comes with "We Rise" which feels more like a pop song, moving away from the congregational worship style this heads towards a dance number, and I think this is a welcome change from something that was beginning to sound quite samey - perhaps they should have included this earlier in the album to break it up a little. This track is followed by the more reflective "In Your Love" which talks about all the good things that we find in God's love. The song is a very positive message that through the cross we have access to God's love and the ability to worship him fully.

The last track is a short talk from the church Pastor Michael Kai, now this is a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing for the church, because it gives a flavour of the church beyond worship, but it's also a bad thing because we all know it's going to get skipped after the first time of listening to it. Unlike some other recordings they haven't embedded it into the middle of a song, it is it's own track which does make it easier to skip without losing anything of the music.

Overall I quite enjoyed this album, there is nothing particularly new or dynamic about the album musically, but there are some good tracks here that could be incorporated into personal or corporate worship. Some of the tracks feel a little disjointed, they feel like cut and paste worship statements that kind of make sense but don't seem completely coherent together.

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