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Updated June 11, 2019

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Legacy - Live From Ireland is a powerful new live EP from Vineyard Worship UK & Ireland that was captured at the inaugural gathering of Irish Vineyard church leaders in Lisburn in October 2018.

Including home-grown songs from Harmony Smith (Belfast City Vineyard) and James & Hannah Toal (Lagan Valley Vineyard), this EP is marked by a passionate cry from an island desperate to see the Kingdom of God come in power upon their villages, towns and cities.

These songs were birthed in the local church, where worship leaders have immersed themselves in leading their communities into intimate worship. As these songs gathered pace, they resonated with the Vineyard around Ireland and now it’s time to share them with the wider church.

Twenty-five years after the first Vineyard church was planted on the island, Legacy - Live From Ireland celebrates all that has gone before and births a new level of expectancy for all that God has in store next.

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Legacy - Live From Ireland by Vineyard Worship
(Updated: June 11, 2019)
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Opening with a desperate and passionate prayer for Ireland and a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the island you cannot mistake that this is a live worship EP. As the prayer comes to an end there is a fairly traditional and familiar version of the "Doxology" although this is titled "Doxology Anthem (Lord We Praise You)". Where most of it is what we are familiar with there are extra bits and pieces added, but it all works together quite well and is a nice opener to the album.

The Vineyard churches have given us some recognisable songs that have filtered into the wider church, and this live album features some of the newer songs that are coming from this stream of the church. "Jesus I Need You" is a good example of this, written and performed by James Toal from Lagan Valley Vineyard church, this is a simple prayer of wanting to now and experience a closer walk with Jesus in our lives and in our worship experience. It's a fairly balanced song which could be easily replicated (and the chord charts are available on the Vineyard website) in your local Church on a Sunday. "All Things Rise" is a song written by Sam Yoder and it's been working its way around the Vineyard Churches since 2015 and was a title track on one of their previous EPs from 2016. This track feels like a traditional hymn and has a lot contained within it, from the fall of creation and how all things were redeemed when Christ rose from the dead. There is a lot that can be unpacked in the theology here, but this is not the place to do it, it just needs me to tell you this version of the song is beautifully performed with a female vocalist really bringing this to life.

The next track is a simple but heartfelt 4 line chorus which ushers us in worship into a place where "We Wait In Hope For The Lord". Hannah Toal wrote a simple melody to accompany the passage from Psalm 33:20-22 after worshipping through the Psalm a couple of years ago. As this song comes to its gentle conclusion there is a desire to actually do what it says, so I would suggest you hit pause at this point and spend a few moments in God's presence. After the peace and time waiting on the Lord "Show Me Your Glory" is the perfect conclusion as we long for God and desire His presence we have to come before Him with expectancy and this song brings this out. There is a reminder in this gentle and sensitive, yet passion filled, song, that God doesn't necessarily come in the fire, the hurricane or the thunder, but often He speaks in the whisper that we will only hear when we still ourselves and listen.

There are songs that become an anthem for a time and these can then die away as we enter another season. The next song has gone through a few seasons of renewal since first being written in 1988 by John Barnett. "Holy and Anointed One" has been covered by many of the big worship and CCM artists over the years, but it's simplicity and its beauty is the reason it keeps coming back for new seasons. It has been a song of refreshing that I have often found myself singing along to over the last couple of months, the words and tune combination just allow you to simply raise the name of Jesus and put it on your lips. The final track runs straight on as extended worship straight into "Mercy Is Falling" by David Ruis. This is a simple refrain about mercy falling like rain on us and a reminder that Ireland knows more than many countries about sustaining rain!

Some people have described this as giving a megachurch sound and atmosphere on this album, but I don't think that description does this EP justice. This is so much more intimate than a lot of what is coming out of the megachurches. There are some great songs here that have already impacted churches in the Vineyard movement and I believe that they deserve to transcend the denominational walls! This EP and it's sensitive worship leaderships talents deserve to be heard so give it a listen!

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