Music Review: Kingdom - Live by New Hope Oahu

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December 05, 2017
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Music Review: Kingdom - Live by New Hope Oahu
"Kingdom" - New Hope Oahu Music

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I Choose You
Be Still
Lamb Of God
Name Of Jesus
We Live
Greater Together
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DREAM Worship is proud to release the 7th album by Honolulu, HI worship team, New Hope Oahu. The Billboard top charting team album Kingdom is a collection of new powerful worship songs mixed with their older favorites live. The church has a passion to see a spiritual awakening within the hearts of it’s people and that is evident and echoed through the 10 song album.

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Kingdom Live by New Hope Oahu
(Updated: January 07, 2018)
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If you haven't come across New Hope Church in Oahu then if you pick up this album, I think you will be in with a pleasant surprise. They have been very prolific in releasing albums over the last few years in association with the Dream Worship label. This is their latest album and this time it is a live experience. With lots of applause and a reminder that there is a worshipping crowd there this album comes across as your typical live worship album.

The vibe of the album feels very much like an album released from one of the more well known church groups, like Hillsong, in fact there are times on this album when it would be hard to tell the difference between this and the aforementioned superchurch. Although there are people who don't like Hillsong, their music is phenomenally popular and they have given us many staples of weekly worship, so it isn't a bad thing to be like them!

The title track of "Kingdom" sets the fairly high BPM pace which flows nicely into "Trust" which is slightly faster again. Sometimes in all the speed of a song you can lose the meaning in the lyrics, or just not really bother with them, but with these tracks the words are pretty solid, they aren't going to set the world alight with originality, but there is solid content there. When things calm down a little there is an appeal and a calling of the lost to come home in "Fountain" and the imagery of the living water flowing over and reviving us, but not without reminding us of the cost as we see the scars of the brutal redemptive punishment. This is a truly beautiful song and passionately sung by the worship leader.

Slowing things down is "I Choose You" which is a anthemic and atmospheric song about choosing Christ over everything else in this world. The reflective theme continues with a psalm inspired "Be Still". Many of these tracks start simply and build towards the end, similar in many ways to the Bethel style, a good example of this is "Lamb Of God" which allow you to reflect on the lyrics but then be moved into the responsive chorus. Listening to the opening simplicity and then skipping a couple of minutes in presents you with what could be two different songs in the way that they sound!

The rest of the tracks begin building up the dance style worship atmosphere again and increasing the tempo of the songs to bring things nicely to the boil for the end of the album. Strangely enough listening to the first few seconds of the last 2 tracks it's hard to tell them apart! This does say something about this album, there are similar styles throughout and although across the balance of the album there is a fair variety the way the tracks are put together ll the songs that sound the same are bunched together.

This is a pretty good album, there is definitely the truth of why we worship contained in these songs and there is no mistake that these are singing about God and for His Glory in what He has done for us. As I said some of these tracks are a bit of a muchness though as they have put some tracks together that might actually be better served split up a bit.

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