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November 19, 2015
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Music Review: It Is Well by
Jonathan Veira - ALBUM PREVIEW- It Is Well
Jonathan Veira - Oceans - Official Lyric Video

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In Christ Alone
Go Rest High
Wind Beneath My Wings
It Is Well With My Soul
You Got A Friend
King Of My Heart
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
The Prayer
The Power Of The Cross
No More Night
Take My Life

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Jonathan Veira is a man of many talents. His ability to engage people from different backgrounds with his empassioned vocal delivery, comedy and charisma is outstanding. Known for Opera as well as power ballads and story-telling songs, his new album is a much anticipated release.

Recorded in Nashville, the track choice is a genius mix between faith classics such as ‘When Peace Like A River (It Is Well)’ and ‘In Christ Alone’ to the magnificent Les Miserables song ‘Stars’ to the popular ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’. Throughout, Jonathan’s voice shines atop a musical framework that never takes centre stage – that position belongs to the voice of Veira and he occupies that space extremely well.

Acclaimed internationally as a bass baritone singer, Jonathan Veira has built strong Christian support through touring his One-Man Show, as one of the most invited guests on BBC Songs Of Praise and with headline performances at Spring Harvest (All weeks) (performing to up to 1300 people per show!), New Wine (All weeks), Detling (Resident) and Keswick.

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It Is Well by Jonathan Viera
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Jonathan Viera is a writer, speaker and established favourite at Christian events like Spring Harvest. He also happens to be a well respected Opera singer! With his latest album "It Is Well" he once again brings a great mix of show tunes, hymns and some modern classics. Unlike some of his previous releases Jonathan hasn't penned any of the tracks on this album. Instead he has taken tried and tested songs and brought new arrangements to suit his style and voice. What you end up with is a well-crafted release that shows off the qualities of Viera's velvety voice.

Starting on safe ground for a Christian release Viera opts for "In Christ Alone" from Townend / Getty. However the album really "takes off" (if you'll excuse the pun) with "Wind Beneath My Wings". This is a song that I have never really liked myself, but that was more because of the use in the film "Beaches". In Viera's hands this has really brought new elements to life in the way that he has handled the arrangement. He is back quickly to the more stable classic hymn that is the title track "It Is Well With My Soul". There is no way that someone like Jonathan, with his quality vocal, could possibly go wrong with this song!

Also featured on the album is "Stars" from "Les Miserables" which in the context of this album works quite nicely. He sticks with the popular songs with"You've Got A Friend" which, sadly isn't the "Toy Story" theme, instead it is the classic 70's song by Carole King, although you may be more familiar with it as the McFly Comic Relief single from 2005! Another popular more recent song is "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)" which is a great rendition of a great song and you can watch the video of Jonathan's version above and make up your mind about it!

Towards the end of the album we start to head back to another couple of more established Christian hymns with "The Power Of The Cross" which is another Townend / Getty modern classic. He rounds the album out with his own version of "Take My Life" by Frances Ridley Havergal.

Listening to some of these tracks very much reminds me of the church that I went to as a child. The church leader had a fantastic tenor voice and as a kid that was what I expected my voice to sound like, it never quite got their in my time at the church, but I can do a passable version myself now!

This is great easy listening music to lift you as you go through your day and well worth adding to your collection if it is a style of music. If it isn't but you want to try it out this is a good album to start with because there are many songs here that you will be familiar with.


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