Music Review: In the Gray by Matt Fawcett

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Updated February 10, 2018
Music Review: In the Gray by Matt Fawcett
For Your Glory (Single Art)

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This Little Light (Intro)
For Your Glory
In the Gray
Emerie (Love You Still)
Cling to the Cross
Nothing More
Glass House
Go for a Walk
When You Say You Love Me
I Do
This Little Light

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With a mixture of styles from old hymns, country, folk and a little rock and roll, each song is bound to keep you on your toes. Written from the heart and played from the soul, this singer/songwriter has a lot to share and from both his own life and the lives of those closest to him.

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In The Gray by Matt Fawcett
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Matt Fawcett is an independent singer / songwriter from Fort Wayne Indiana and this is a full length album that was released early in 2017. If you listen to this album then you will find a depth of heart and emotion in his songwriting which varies from high praise to some very personal and tender subjects. The reason for all the extremes and the name of the album is that we don't live in a world where things are black and white, even in Christian circles. When bad things happen to good people, when we walk through those hard spots, when we want to blame God, but also know that we need to cling tight to him, these are moments that are "In The Gray".

I try to be honest with these reviews, but at the same time not too critical, but it has to be said, Matt's voice is not the most pleasing, some tracks he is a little flat and it sounds like he's trying to hard. This could be passion, it could be the way the album was recorded and mixed, but some tracks are hard to listen to because of this. There are tracks that are more pleasant and ones that suit the vocals a little bit better than others.

Having given that negative, I want to say that there are some incredibly well written songs on here with very personal and difficult stories behind them. For example, "Emerie (Love You Still)" is a beautiful track that was written for his friends daughter who died at just 3 days old. This is of course an incredibly difficult situation, but this song encapsulates the feelings with a little distance. That life will never be forgotten, and although the life was all too short on this planet, it's not the end and that child is still loved.

Other tracks do feel a little bit different to what you might find on a Christian album, like "Go For A Walk" which is about relationship. Sometimes too many other things encroach on our relationships, it's good to just get out and walk and talk together. This is part of a set of songs that are more about romantic relationships, particularly a marriage relationship. It's nice to hear this, because it can be an area of life that we don't cover. If a love song is included on an album the immediate question is, are they singing about a romantic relationship, or is it about Jesus? These songs "When You Say You Love Me" and "I Do" are unmistakably written for his wife, especially "I Do" which is a song about getting married.

So if you can overlook the vocals a little, and the overly loud music mix on some of the tracks, there are actually some gems here. Perhaps the investment in someone to help in production would help take this music to the next level?

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