Music Review: In Prayer by Salt Of The Sound

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Updated May 09, 2018
Music Review: In Prayer by Salt Of The Sound
In Prayer | 17-minute Christian meditation

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In Prayer is the 2017 EP from award-winning husband and wife duo Anita & Ben Tatlow (Salt Of The Sound). A 17-minute prayer ‘journey’, the music ebbs and flows, inviting the listener to stillness and reflection through use of expansive atmospheric textures, subtle vocal choruses, and thoughtful lyrical messages.

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In Prayer by Salt of the Sound
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I have reviewed a few of Salt of the Sounds releases since I started One Man in the Middle and this feels like their most connected project and possibly their most ambitious. Running at just 17 minutes long this is a prayerful meditation.

There are seven tracks which carry different themes of this prayertime, much of this is led by the ambient music with long lingering notes and building chords. If you watch the video above that has been released with the EP then it is a little more guided with friends of the band reading Bible verses. The EP version sometimes gives the merest of whispered lyrics, such as in "Be Still My Soul" which only has any lyrical input towards the end. "Lamb Of God" has a more traditional piano backing, whilst the more prevalent vocals drift through the song which only lasts a couple of minutes but beautifully focuses the mind before the seascape that opens "Refuge". Again this track is more focused on the ambience as the relaxing sea gives way to building chords which in turn clears for a more solid keyboard. There are no lyrics at all in "Refuge" and then "Solace" and "Rest" continue this.

Without any lyrical guidance this whole musical piece is open to the interpretation of the listener, taking some guidance from the track titles. This means that each prayer journey you take with this music has the possibility of being different because it will depend on how you approach it and what you are bringing to it. The start and end will always be the same because these places are where the input is. Finishing with "Hope" which reminds us that our hope is in God with flighty vocals that swirl around the head. "Your Ways" is about bringing ourselves before God, giving Him the bits of our lives that we want Him to make sense of. We look at our stuff and realise that we need to go God's way, even if it doesn't make sense because His ways are higher than ours.

This is a beautiful prayer journey, if you are into meditation and you want something to focus on then can I recommend this? Meditation can be a dirty word in Christian circles because of the association with Eastern mysticism and the idea of clearing your mind. However prayer is a form of meditation, it is directed at God and it has a focus, remembering and thinking about scripture is also meditation and the Bible commends us to meditate on Scripture day and night. So this fits nicely into the Christian form of meditation using the music and very simple lyrics to help you think about Jesus and God and how it all relates to your own life and circumstances. It's something different and I have found it useful.

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