Music Review: In God We Trust by Stephen Miller

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Updated March 23, 2017
Music Review: In God We Trust by Stephen Miller
King of All (In God We Trust) - Stephen Miller

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King of All (In God We Trust)
Waves of Grace
Our God Majestic
Sanctuary for My Soul

Stephen Miller is a pastor and artist who strives to enlarge people’s view of God with the truth of Scripture and artfully give a vocabulary to express thankfulness and praise to Him. He is a passionate advocate for the local church and his band travels to lead worship all over the world.

Stephen has recorded 5 studio albums, and is the author of Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars & Liberating King. He serves as a Worship Pastor at Prestonwood in Dallas, TX where he resides with his wife, Amanda, and their 5 children.

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In God We Trust
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"In God We Trust" is a four track EP from worship leader Stephen Miller. Stephen is president of the Rooted Network (a discipleship organisation) and also a worship pastor from the Prestonwood Baptist Church. His last album "Liberating King" was released in 2016 and was considered to be a strong set of songs, so expectation is high coming to this new release.

So this EP kicks off with "King Of All (In God We Trust)" which has a fairly catchy trust. Of course it's no accident that this track is named after a statement that all Americans will be familiar with "In God We Trust" is emblazoned across every US dollar. This feels like an intentional statement when paired with "You are God, and we are not" it is a reminder to us all that God is bigger and greater than any king, president or person.With this EP being released a month before the US elections in 2016 I am sure that this was the worship artists reminder to us and himself that God is sovereign over all.

"Waves of Grace" sounded familiar to me, and sure enough I have heard it before, it's a track that was on the recent Prestonwood Worship album that I reviewed a few weeks back. It's a song I didn't really mention in that review, but it is a track that I quite enjoy, although I think I prefer this studio recorded version of the track.

"Our God Majestic" is another song that seems very much influenced by events in the world, reminding us that "Our God majestic is greater than our fears" and in the light of the world events around us this is something we need to remember and declare over our lives, over our churches and over our nations. The album concludes with "Sanctuary For My Soul" which is probably the best track on this short release. It's a simple worship song of God's goodness to us and the reliance on God as our fortress and strength with a lot of it's imagery being taken from the book of Psalms.

All of these songs feel like current worship tracks and mirror the style of artists like Chris Tomlin, that's not a bad thing, he's a very popular worship leader! This isn't really pushing the envelope and possibly doesn't get to the levels of his last full album but there are certainly a couple of tracks that I could see making their way into church worship. "Waves of Grace" has already had a push by being on the live album for Prestonwood Worship and I hope that "Sanctuary For My Soul" is one that is picked up by some as I think it's a good reminder of resting in God.

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