Music Review: Immeasurably More (Live Worship From Spring Harvest 2015) by Various

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November 26, 2015
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Music Review: Immeasurably More (Live Worship From Spring Harvest 2015) by Various

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The Way
Take My Heart
You Make Me Brave
God Is Able
At The Cross (Love Ran Red)
King Of Compassion
Great Is Your Faithfulness
Can't Stop Your Love
Remember Me
Hold On
Revelation 10
Ancient Wells
Set Apart
Holy Overshadowing

As thousands of lives stand together as one, singing out melodies of praise to an unbelievable God, Spring Harvest becomes alive with spirit-soaked adoration and encounter. Featuring lead worshippers Sarah Bird / Ben Cantelon / Worship Central / Pete James / Graham Kendrick this album collates some of the moments from all four Spring Harvest 2015 breaks.

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Immeasurably More from Spring Harvest
(Updated: October 12, 2016)
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In the UK despite many other Bible weeks being available Spring Harvest remains the most popular. As such it has a wealth of worship resources available to include in the meetings. For as long as I can remember people have been heading to Minehead and the other Spring Harvest venues and bringing back the latest songs for worship.

Every year after the event they have released a "Spring Harvest" album based on the worship songs that were included during that years events. These are, of course, an important tool for worship leaders looking to introduce the songs, but also a reminder of the worship from the Big Top and other venues at the event for other people attending. In years past these albums have been a mixed bag, certainly ones that I have received. For me though, having never attended Spring Harvest, I haven't immediately got that resonance with the albums when I have listened to them. It's fair to say that the album should stand in it's own right.

For the 2015 Spring Harvest album I am pleased to say that it certainly does just that. The "Immeasurably More" album has some fantastic tracks from some of today's best worship songwriters and artists performing them. The writers on these tracks are a who's-who of modern worship. Ben Cantelon, Nick Herbert, Tim Hughes, Martin Smith, Matt Redman, Amanda Cook, Ben Fielding, Rueben Morgan, Chris Tomlin and Ed Cash amongst others. Just in case this was just a second generation worship album there are the elder voices of Sue Rinaldi and Graham Kendrick both as artists and as writers.

There are a few songs that really stand out for me on this album. "The Way" by Ben Cantelon that kicks the album off with the traditional clapping, cheering etc to prove that it's a live recording. It seems as the album moves on it leaves the live feeling behind. By the time I get to Cathy Burton's truly stunningly haunting and beautiful rendition of "At The Cross (Love Ran Red)" I have pretty much forgotten that this is a live album. This is a fantastic rendition of a great song, if you need a word picture of what the cross means then this is as good as you will get in modern worship.

"Great Is Your Faithfulness" performed by Sarah Bird and Pete James is another highlight of the album and another song which can give you an amazing lift in your worship. My last highlight on this album is actually the last track,and that is a surprise because I often am not keen on Graham Kendrick's worship music. However "Holy Overshadowing" is another song that paints a great word picture of God's love for us. Listening to this as part of this album it feels a little out of place, but it definitely should be on this album.

There were a couple of tracks that didn't quite hit home for me. The first is a song that is needed in our worship but just didn't feel right in this collection and that is "King Of Compassion" from Sue Rinaldi. The second is actually another track from Graham Kendrick's "Remember Me". This song is a slightly dreary and simplistic retelling of the last supper which seems to bring the tempo of the album down.

These are small issues that shouldn't detract too badly from the overall view of this album. This is a strong collection of modern worship and possibly the album should be bought for Cathy Burton's track alone!

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