Music Review: Honest by Audrey Tillis

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Updated November 15, 2016
Music Review: Honest by Audrey Tillis
Audrey Tillis - Honest. Teaser

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Honest One
Meet Me There
You're the God
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Truth lies in the most intimate part of our reality. The burden of falsehood, coupled with the culpability of those around us can ignite an authentic self-encounter.

Those are the moments where Audrey’s aptly titled album, Honest., was born. Brave lyrics and heartfelt delivery created a critically acclaimed body of work that has been a reminder of what music can do for the soul.

With rave reviews from world renowned Jubilee Singers leader Paul Kwami to Motown Gospel songbird Janice Gaines, Audrey has more than proven to be a “timeless and unmatched talent”.

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Honest EP
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Honest is a 6 track EP from Audrey Tillis which sets out to say something straight to the listener. It's time to be honest in our lives about who we are separately and together in a relationship. The opening track "Honest. One" is a mix of catchy refrain about being tired of lying, cry and more. There is a short verse which gives some background to the song and then some spoken word which sounds like an answerphone message left after a deep conversation. It's an interesting track where it is really left to the listener to tease out the story behind this song.

"Meet Me There" is more of a ballad and really begins to show the vocals that Audrey is capable especially with the key changes that take place through this track. The difficulty I had listening to this is that some of the notes felt a little bit forced and as though Audrey wasn't quite comfortable with the range that this song includes. Those odd notes aside this is a great track.

The next track drops into pure worship and this for me is the best track on the album. "You're The God" is a simple expression of what and who God is with a great performance and delivery. Here the vocal soars with ease which is a complete contrast to what the last track seemed to be. Although there isn't a huge complexity to the lyrics it's a great sounding worship song which has some complex layers of music and vocals which Audrey's vocals climb to reach a brilliantly worshipful gospel style crescendo!

Sometimes we need a reminder that God is in control and "Your Hands" is a great reminder. Looking at everything that stresses us Audrey reminds us that we have to trust God and that He is holding us safe in His mercy and grace. Again this is a nice catchy song where the vocals weave a brilliant song and the lyrics speak to God's faithfulness, even reminding us of the kids song "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands"!

This EP finishes with a short spoken word about the choice to be honest, due to past experiences getting it wrong, the choice now for Audrey is to be honest. This is where you will find her on Twitter as she tags herself as #HonestAudrey, it's become her thing, part of that is about building her brand but it can't help but be a reminder of what she's decided. It's a good reminder to all of us that in everything we say and do it's good and right to be honest with ourselves, true to ourselves and each other. The other thing to say about this album isn't about the music, but about the cover. What a great image, the labels and the things that we put on ourselves and other people put on us all have an effect yet she can wear her honesty like a crown. A very striking image indeed.

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