Music Review: Home by LZ7

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December 29, 2016
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Music Review: Home by LZ7
LZ7 - Home

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So Good
Stolen Voices (feat. Martin Smith)
Love Infinity (feat. Lauren Olds)
Rudeboy (feat. Ad-Apt)
Perfect Day (feat. Lauren Olds)
Two Left Feet (feat. Soul Glow Activatur)
We’re Fire
Home (Geekboy Remix)

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LZ7 is on a quest to perpetuate music that bypasses the intellect and speaks straight to the soul. With their infectious melodies, huge drops and back to back anthems, LZ7 knows how to rock a crowd. Home, the lastest album, includes the highly successful first single "So Good", being hailed in high rotation at MTV Hits Clubland, having the likes of NME, Pop Justice and Dancing Astronaut among others being great supporters helping in the railing of new fans and industry credibility. Home is an electronic/Pop album packed with huge EDM anthems, uplifting vocal melodies and plenty of dirty electro bass drops that will send the EDM and pop world wild!

Check out our recent interview with Lindz West from LZ7 as he discusses "Home", their ministry and more.

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LZ7 are back with some great beats for 2016 as they attempt to continue their mission on 2 fronts. Hitting the mainstream outlets with some great tracks and continuing their work through schools, not just in the UK but around the world. The band have not been able to recreate their previous UK charts success that they enjoyed with "This Little Light" in 2010 or "27 Million" in 2012 but "So Good" has featured heavily on many of the primary mainstream music networks.

"So Good" kicks off this album starting with some keys before dropping into Lindz rap which actually isn't one of his best rhyming "piff, paff, poof" with "big, bad woof" which seems a bit sloppy, but as soon as the dance element drops you can forget it. The song is deliberately ambiguous in who or what it is referring to when it says "You make me feel so good, I can't help but dance", but there is enough to glean that it probably isn't a person that they are singing about. Like many of the other tracks on the album it makes sense when you know what these guys are all about.

"Movie" continues the anthemic style with a song that will have you repeating "Last night was a movie" even if you can't remember any of the rest of the track! There are some great earworms across the album "Elevator" is another as the line "This elevator's going up" will be with you long after the track finishes. "Home" is another that drops some dirty beats and just has a simple message which is about family which doesn't have to be Mum, Dad and an extra 1.4 children. It's wherever you feel at home, with whatever group, wherever you find rest that's home, and for those of faith we find our rest in Jesus.

"Brave" uses a sample from Tim Hughes chorus on the album "Pocketful of Faith" and then expands on the idea of what kind of brave it is that is being talked about. LZ7 have a history of working with worship leaders with their hit "27 Million" being recorded with Matt Redman. It's not just Tim Hughes that appears on this album, but we also have a guest vocal from Martin Smith on "Stolen Voices" which is one of the slower tracks on this album. This is continued with Lauren Olds contributing to "Love Infinity" which slows everything down and then builds into a dance classic. The strong female vocal is welcome on this album as Lily Jo doesn't really get any chance to stand out. Lauren has the opportunity to also contribute vocals on "Perfect Day".

"Two Left Feet" does a great job of bringing together LZ7 and Soul Glow Activatur (former lead singer for Family Force 5) and is a great fun track. This is something that can be said for most of this album with many of the tracks really bringing a great EDM vibe with positive lyrics. Many of these songs will stick with you long after the album has finished and as mentioned some will just keep popping through your head. While the bands approach is out-and-out mission there isn't much here that screams of Christianity. Some might question why the positivity or if there is something more behind the lyrics but many who hear these tunes in a mainstream context won't think beyond the lyrics. In truth though these songs are not meant to be in isolation, this is about building themselves a credibility and a platform to speak to school children, and others, about the faith and relationship that motivates these songs.

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