Music Review: Have My Heart by Brooke Robertson

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Updated May 28, 2018
Music Review: Have My Heart by Brooke Robertson
Brooke Robertson - Have My Heart (Official Music Video)

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Have My Heart
Back To Shore
Cannot Be Moved
I Am Yours

"I didn't want to accept the fact that maybe my plan for school was not going to happen. It took me being broen and confused to finally let it all go and give everything to God. I prayed 'I want what You want God'."

Enter Jeremy Holderfield. The Seventh Day Slumber guitarist and producer had seen some videos of Robertson performing cover songs, and wanted her to come to Nashville to write some original material. Still hesitant, she decided to make the journey. They ended up writing and recording four songs, her first EP, and Robertson found her clear purpose. 

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Have My Heart by Brooke Robertson
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Sometimes we can't see the way that God wants us to walk, the world, parents and expectations may say one thing, but God's destination for us may be completely different. And sometimes we end up going the long way around to get there! That's what Brooke Robertson found out, her plans were to continue in education, but she kept getting turned down for the schools that she was applying for. At the same time she was doing some recording with a friend in a home studio and had posted some online. Eventually she gave in, broken before God and said that she wanted what He wanted. Within a couple of months she was contacted by Jeremy Holderfield, best known for his role in Seventh Day Slumber as their guitarist, but also a music producer in his own right, asking her if she wanted to write original music. A big challenge to uproot from home and move and become a recording artist. She took the challenge, and the leading from God, and this EP is the first result of that.

In her bio Brooke is rather shy about her vocal talents, but her vocals are one thing that make this EP so memorable. Straight away in the first track, just supported, initially, by a simple acoustic guitar, she carries the track with a pure sound. Simple changes in the vocal carry the feeling of the peace and hope that Brooke finds in her faith. This is the title track "Have My Heart" which expresses the simple sentiment of safety and trust that God is fully in control. 

The first few tracks seem to be written to God about different aspects of his care and her growing. It's not all out worship in the traditional church sense, but it does emphasise glorious things about God from her personal experience. "Back To Shore" is about remembering the things that God has done in her life. The picture that she paints is being adrift in the sea allowing God's waves to bring her back to the safety of the shore. With this track there is more backing, but it never overwhelms the vocal which never seems to be straining to be heard, or to make a bigger sound. "Cannot Be Moved" is about being rooted in God's strength, reminding herself that God is her defender, and in her weakness she can rely on God.

The last track sounds a little different. The vocal seems a bit more tweaked to give it a little more effect and depth. It suits the ballad style worship and it feels a little fuller and there is a warmth and oneness with the style of music. Still there is nothing that pushes her vocals towards the straining power that sometimes dominates female worship. She's still well within her comfort zone.

I do like this release and Brooke can, rightly, be pleased with the final result of this EP. It does seem a little too short, running at about 14 minutes in total. It left me as a listener knowing there is a great talent, but wishing for something more defined and more stretching. These songs don't have a huge amount of personal identity to them and she is well within her comfort zone at all times. Hopefully there is more to come from this new artist, and soon, so we can get a truer picture of her.

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