Music Review: God Will Reign by The Rock Worship

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February 10, 2018
Music Review: God Will Reign by The Rock Worship

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My Life Is In You
We Will Arise
God Will Reign
Love Love Love
I Live To Worship You
Matchless Name
Praise The Lord
I Let Go
You First Loved Me

This group that we call The Rock Worship has compiled 10 original songs for their sophomore album released on Dream Worship entitled God Will Reign.  Our prayer is that these songs would fill many homes, cars, parks, jogging trails, hospital rooms, houses of worship, mountains high and valleys low with the sweet presence of Jesus.

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God Will Reign by The Rock Worship
(Updated: February 10, 2018)
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With campuses across California and into Michigan and Missouri, The Rock Church is a fairly large ministry and it is from this base that the worship team have released their latest album. "God Will Reign" is their second release on the Dream Worship record label, along with a special worship album for kids. However, all is not quite as it would seem, because this is not a new album, indeed it was first released back in 2014! However this re-release with the backing of a growing Christian music label will see the album reach a wider audience.

This is a live worship album and there is an ever present congregation, and you know they are there as they make their presence felt throughout the 12 tracks. "Unstoppable" is the first track and, honestly, it sounds just like what you want from this style of Church worship. It's about God building His church! What starts with this track does continue through the rest of the album and, as a whole, it feels like a decent concert where the songs flow from one track to the next. The music is quite tightly arranged, and it feels like everything is in the right place. The electric guitars are kept in check, but make their presence known, but never become overpowering, and the same with the percussion.

Different vocalists are involved on this album, and sometimes that is a good thing. David Dirmann is one of the executive pastors of the church, and he leads the next few tracks after "Unstoppable", but his vocal talents are not as good as those of his writing, or even his preaching (at the beginning of "All"). He has written 9 of the songs on this album but while his voice is not terrible, it simply doesn't have the range of the other male vocalists, sounding a little too throaty and rendering it difficult to really put across the emotions.

One of the criticisms I have levelled at albums from bands like The Rock Worship is that if you tune out and tune back in, the tracks all seem to run together because of a lack of variety. That is not the case with this album, every song is different and has it's own sound. Not many of them are as good as the first track, but that is a bit of a storming worship track. "We Will Arise" which sounds a bit like a Bethel worship track comes close. Sadly the title track "God Will Reign" is, as a song, a little pedestrian, although the instrumentation was impressive the song fails to light any real passion. That might be because it is followed by the really funky "Love Love Love" which just shows it up, and a more rocky "I Live To Worship You" follows that.

"Matchless Name" proves that a slower song can be done well and convey the beauty and passion that was intended. Probably the second best track after the opener in my opinion. The electric guitars are allowed to sing a little on "Praise The Lord" and despite the rather common title this is also a good track. The tempo picks up again with "I Let Go" which is another track where the title doesn't inspire, but actually is a pleasant surprise!

It's fair to say that the general quality of the songs on this album is pretty good. Although there are a couple that stand out more than others none of the tracks are bad, and that is good. The variety keeps the interest and there is a depth to many of the tracks that can be lacking in these large church worship music who can sacrifice substance for style. I enjoyed the album right to "Wonderful", the last song.

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