Music Review: Glory & Wonder by Mosaic MSC

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March 03, 2017
Music Review: Glory & Wonder by Mosaic MSC

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Across the Universe
Speak to Us
How Beautiful
Now & Forever
May God Be Everywhere I Go
The One
Never Stop
King of All
You Are Mine
Not Afraid
Glory & Wonder
Glory & Wonder (Studio Version)

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Mosaic MSC is the worship music that carries the culture of Mosaic in Los Angeles, which is founded by cultural pioneer and best-selling author Erwin McManus whose most recent book is The Artisan Soul. Last week, Mosaic MSC recorded Glory & Wonder in front of a live, sold-out audience at their church home in the heart of Hollywood. Mosaic MSC represents the versatile sound of the city and growth of the church in worship expression.

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Glory & Wonder
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Mosaic church is one of the newer mega-churches looking to bring it's worship team to the world in a similar way to Hillsongs / Bethel / Jesus Culture and the list goes on... This is Mosaic's second album release and this time it was recorded live in Los Angeles in the main campus auditorium which was packed out with worshippers.

Starting with some resonating keys and some atmospheric electronica the first track "Across the Universe" sets course for the album to lift off. All the build up abruptly cuts away as the female vocal starts and all the power of that introduction seems to have been wasted and doesn't get brought back into the rest of the song. The vocals here are reasonable, but certainly not much to write home about. There are other backing singers in the mix too, but they don't honestly contribute much to this track. This arrangement is better for the second track "Heartbeat" where the singers sound like their vocals are actually complimenting each other.

Moving through these tracks there is an overwhelming reliance on a fairly mid-tempo speed to each track. This isn't just one or two but in fact most of the tracks on the album seem to have a very similar pacing. This is very confusing when you are only half listening because if you get distracted by something or someone you come back to it and it feels like it's still the same song!

What I love about modern worship is those songs that draw on the great depths of Christian history, whether musical or Biblical or even from well known Bible scholars. Sadly it feels like the inspiration for this collection of tracks has been a facebook style meme about worship or Jesus. There seem to be a lot of platitudes of worship themes, but they never delve deeper into the human condition, or the depth and true wonder that is the Holiness of God.

These are songs that have been written for the campuses of Mosaic so perhaps these tracks speak to people from that church and the people who attend, I hope they do. Unfortunately they didn't really inspire me to worship or lift up my soul to heaven, particularly not as a collection of songs. Despite repeated listens I found I had to force myself to listen all the way through to the end of the album. That might sound really harsh but I don't doubt the authenticity of the worship from the members of this church, however despite the 'live' element of this album it just feels dead. It's got super slick production on here but when you dig a little deeper there is little under the surface. I have to say it seemed the same with the Mosaic church website, which looks great, but I couldn't find any information about anything deeper going on at the church other than a video or the live stream. Sadly as a whole, despite a couple of tracks, this fails to bring the Glory & Wonder to the listener.

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