Music Review: Future Glory by Doxa Theo

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Updated March 02, 2017
Music Review: Future Glory by Doxa Theo
No Other Fountain // Doxa Theo // [OFFICIAL ACOUSTIC VIDEO]
Hymn // Doxa Theo // [OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO]
Future Glory // Doxa Theo // [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]
Beautifully Broken // Doxa Theo // [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]
Doxology // Doxa Theo // [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]

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Cover Me
No Other Fountain
Grace and Peace
Future Glory
Beautifully Broken

This album has a liturgical presence focussing on sacred hymns, prayers, and gospel-centered lyrics. The music sings with reverence to the Maker with heavy piano, swell-based electric guitars, and light string colorization. This collection of songs gives glory to the Divine Maker, just like the meaning of the bands name, Doxa Theo, which is Greek for "Glory to God." Doxa Theo is made up of several worship leaders and artists all over the country who put their focus in cultivating community within the art of worship.

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Future Glory
(Updated: July 19, 2016)
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There is a movement in Christian worship music away from a band model and towards a collective. We have seen it rise with the likes of Rend Collective and more recently bands like the worship team from KXC. Doxa Theo is the latest of these that we have discovered, a group of worship leaders and artists uniting to worship and share those songs with the world. One of the more recognisable faces of this band is Will Retherford - this gives an inkling to the quality of this product.

Straight away we see this simple desire to glorify God with their opening track "Doxology". Lyrically this is a very simple chorus lifting up praise to God that many of us are familiar with, however they make this a thing of aching beauty as they blend their harmonies with the music lifting praise to heaven. "Cover Me" is a more simple track musically, with a simple piano introduction before some percussion begins to drop to accompany the simple, softly sung lyrics which speak of a beautifully simple relationship with our heavenly Father as He saves us, guides us and blesses us.

"No Other Fountain" is one of the more upbeat tracks on this release. Taking some great Biblical imagery this track works well as a cross-over between a hymn and a modern worship song. This song is steeped in Biblical imagery that looks like it has stepped straight out of the pages of the Psalms! Don't get used to the upbeat style though because we are straight into the much slower and more melancholy "Reliance". This is about the solid, unchanging, dependable nature of God and how we can always know that He is faithful and just to do exactly what He has said He would do.

"Future Glory" is an echo of a passage from Romans 8:18-15 which talks about the desire for the perfect in heaven, when suffering and pain will be taken away. For me, this is simply an album of beautiful simple praise, from the heart, and in this collection of beautiful songs it is hard to pick one that stands out the most. However from repeated listening, the one that I would draw to your attention is "Beautifully Broken" which has a stunning female vocal carrying the track which is an understanding of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

If you are looking for some simple worship with a simplicity and depth (a difficult combination) then this album is one worth listening to. It's simple, relaxed and reflective and is great music for soaking and reflecting on the nature of our glorious God and what He has done for us! If you like a more rock-based music then this probably won't be something you would want to listen to too often, but if, like me, you have a broad range of tastes then this will satisfy deep down in the soul!


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