Music Review: For We Are Not Beasts by TIMŌRĀTUS

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Updated April 29, 2019
TIMŌRĀTUS - Screen Attack (Official Music Video)

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TIMŌRĀTUS is a multi-genre metal project fronted by David & Courtney Napier where every release is a different subgenre.

TIMŌRĀTUS means, a, um, adj. timor, full of reverence towards God, devout.

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For We Are Not Beasts by Timoratus
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This short EP is my first experience of the "multi-genre Metal" band known as Timōrātus. Originally started by David Napier in 2006 the sound has moved from more electronic sounds through to Death Metal and with "For We Are Not Beasts" this brings more of a Grindcore sound into play. David proposed to Courtney through a single called "My Starshine" which featured the question "Will You Marry Me?" as the artwork, thankfully she said yes and now they work together on the project. Oh and in case you were wondering and your Latin isn't very good, Timōrātus means "devout, God-fearing", according to an online Latin dictionary.

This release really has one theme, it's about pornography! Perhaps you didn't expect that on a Christian EP, but it's a topic that we need to cover in our teaching and particularly how we relate in this world that we live in. From the outset "Screen Attack" is in your face with its style and lyrics, these guys really are pulling no punches! The way this is written shows me that they actually understand the mindset of someone who watches porn feels, and how much it sucks the life out of those that watch and indulge their fantasies. If we are honest with ourselves it is something that we can easily slip into and an addiction waiting to happen. There is a seduction to it which hards the darker edge of the spectrum and once you are sucked in without strength to break free it is a downward spiral. There is a strong message in this song when you catch the lyrics they may shock and surprise you, but that is to get the point across of what porn is doing and validating as OK behaviour for you and generally in society.

The next two tracks are tied together with a split title. The first part is an atmospheric track called "The World..." which is about a certain type of sexuality that can be offered. This track is just a short one and that gives way to "...And The Addiction Machine". This second part is definitely more intense as it discusses the seduction and addiction of the pornographic experience that ultimately skews your perspective and leaves you empty and unfulfilled. Again this is a full-on couple of minutes of quite hardcore music.

The last track on this short EP is looking at the idea of marriage with the idea that many singles have that married life is perfect. Only here we find two people who are actually looking for space and time apart. The important key to the relationship is letting go of some of the small niggles that come between a couple and holding tightly to one another and keeping God in the centre.

This is an interesting EP with a lot to say, however given the chosen style of music it is hard to make out a lot of what is here. In some ways its a suitable match between the music and the strong statement that is being made but without a 'metal ear' it really is hard to catch those statements in the scream-throat lyrics. There are some beautiful contrasts in tones in the music and even the vocals on this little project and it's definitely worth keeping your ear out from more from Timoratus!

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