Music Review: FightBack SoundTrack. (The Remixes) by We Are Leo

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June 22, 2016
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Music Review: FightBack SoundTrack. (The Remixes) by We Are Leo

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Diamonds in the Dark (J.G.F. Remix)
Epic (Josh Sentner Remix)
Fightback (Östberg Remix)
Diamonds in the Dark (Kevin Aleksander Remix)
Northern Lights (Interact Remix)
Phoenix (Fraught Remix)
Northern Lights (Malmen Remix)
Phoenix (Unikron Remix)

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Strong and steady like a lion, We Are Leo has grown tenaciously after saying "Hello" with their premiere album in 2011. Pulsing with an electric energy and a vibrant sound, their spirited shows nurture a fiercely loyal fan base that rose to the occasion in 2013 when the artists called on them to fund their Kickstarter project. 

Now, We Are Leo continues to build on that momentum as they come roaring back into the national music scene with their sophomore release "Fightback Soundtrack". Fusing together a blend of heartfelt emotion, love-charged lyrics, and relentless faith, "Fightback Soundtrack" is a declaration of the undying passion the band has for their fans, their art, and their message.

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Fightback Soundtrack (The Remixes)
(Updated: June 22, 2016)
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"Fightback Soundtrack" showed off some great tunes from We Are Leo, from their teen boy-band style"Yours4Sure" through to the more grounded and mature expressions to be found in "Diamonds In The Dark".

This album is the result of a series of remix contests featuring the most popular tracks from their "Fightback Soundtrack" album. So we have 2 different remixes of "Diamonds In The Dark", "Phoenix" and "Northern Lights" with just one remixed version of both "Fightback" and "Epic". Due to requests from fans these versions of the songs have been released on this special album from Drom which specialises in EDM music.

I enjoyed the original versions of these tracks and the artistic decisions made around the mix that they released to the public. Some of these really do add something fun or interesting to the mix. I have to say that my favourite remix is "Phoenix - (Fraught Remix)" which sounds like the Transformers have got all mixed up in the track!

If you area big fan of different remix interpretations of a track then I think this is definitely worth listening to, they are good quality, but ultimately you are probably only going to buy this if you are familiar with the original album anyway. So if you haven't got that, pick that up first and see how you get on with the originals then you will see the talent that these guys have when remixing someone else's work.

If you don't want to pay for this album We Are Leo have released it for free as long as you sign up to their e-newsletter on their website!


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