Music Review: Fearless by Jason Bare

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October 16, 2017
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Music Review: Fearless by Jason Bare
Jason Bare "On This I Stand" - Lyric Video

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Following You
Bring Down the Heavens
You Are (feat. Amy Perry)
On This I Stand
Mighty Redeemer
In the Silence (feat. Jeremy Rosado)
King of Forever (feat. Jake & Laura)
Miracles Happen Here
Wildfire (feat. Anna Byrd)
Great Is Your Name
Only Getting Started

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Jason Bare is no stranger to ministry in music. Through the years, while touring and leading worship for some of the largest ministries in the nation, his heart for leading others into the presence of God has continued to be his driving force, and it is apparent in every song on his new full-length worship album, “Fearless.” Jason has spent the past year with Grammy nominated songwriter and producer Aaron Rice, building a collection of songs with a powerful message that is relevant to every worshipper today...

“God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind...” One of the biggest stumbling blocks in people’s lives is FEAR, and through these songs Jason reminds us that God and His purposes are FAR GREATER than the fear that the enemy tries to stop us with. We serve a Mighty Redeemer, and He is ready to take your fear, your shame and mistakes,and redeem them all for His good. Jason’s strong vocals and pop style, combined with songs that glorify God will surely excite the heart of the listener, and lift them to a higher place of worship.

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Fearless by Jason Bare
(Updated: October 16, 2017)
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Jason Bare has been releasing worship music since his debut self-released album called "Beautiful Design", this was followed by a Christmas EP and a digital album in 2014. In 2016 Jason signed to Daywind Music Group / Vital Records and released another Christmas EP and now this full album "Fearless".

For me he is a new voice and I haven't heard his previous albums. Immediately when listening to the first three tracks you can feel that he very much has a style that he feels comfortable in. I have to confess that I was half listening to these first couple of tracks whilst doing other things and I thought that they were all the same song - they are so similar in their feel and music. Fitting squarely into a guitar-led worship pop style there is little that stands out. This is a huge shame because this contains the title track, which I always expect to be something really special, sadly here it doesn't stand out.

The first track that does seem a little different is "You Are" which drops to a more acoustic sound and also features guest vocals from Amy Perry (from Selah). It has be said that this track works well on it's own, and Amy Perry's vocal helps the track immensely. Sadly the album reverts back to it's comfort zone with the rather vacuous "On This I Stand" which says little of value. Having said that, this is a rarity here, because the albums writing, for the most part isn't too bad, it just all sounds to samey.

Sad to say that ultimately this album failed to set my heart or soul alight with passion or worship - any greatness or inventiveness of the words - is drowned out by the lack of creativity in the execution. I appreciate that some of this might be about taste, but the lack of variety is sadly what lets this album down. There are some other more acoustic tracks, even the piano-led "In The Silence", these are a breath of something different. These tracks actually demonstrate that Jason has the ability to engage when he shakes himself from his favourite style.

This album is far from the best worship album from 2017, but I am sure that some tracks will work well on the radio in isolation, but as worship to be sung congregationally it is lacking, as a project to listen to in it's entirety it is simply dull.

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