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Updated May 21, 2019
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Prodigal Father | Lyric Video | Yemi Alafifuni

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The album brings the songs of strength, healing, and worship that God has placed in Yemi’s heart to bear. The album itself uses music as a conduit. It seeks for listeners to find restoration via the knowledge of God as our Father and to enjoy good quality music central to the Father’s heart.

“Many know God as a miracle worker. A far dynasty that feels unreachable,” said Yemi. “But this is incorrect. God is closer than we realize. This album takes you that journey of discovery.”

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Father by Yemi Alafifuni
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Yemi is a British-based Nigerian singer and he was interested in music from an early age. He started working on this project back in 2017 and he knew the subject and focus of the album, but not yet which songs to select. The focus is Father, not just God as Father but also his relationship with his own father. For much of his young life Yemi lived with his Brother and Father and had no contact with his Mother. So this album focuses on different aspects of those relationships, both earthly and heavenly with much praise and in a modern Gospel style.

The first track stems from something that Yemi wrote almost 20 years ago, after trying for a long time to put the song together he binned it. Now he has dusted it off and re-worked it for this new album and it works and sounds great. Maybe the acceptable styles have moved on since the first time he tried to bring it all together. This song is Yemi introducing us to his "Padre" or Father. It's about his heavenly father, taking some of the ideas of who God is in relation to us and what He does for us. It's very clear that this is not an old man with a beard, sitting on a cloud waiting to condemn, this is a loving, good, good, Father! He is one who breaks our chains and sends us a comforter and it leaves the listener with the question, "Do you know Him?" Continuing the worship of the Heavenly Father the second track, "Dance For Love" opens with Yemi's daughter telling us that "The Father is in love with you and He sings over you." This is one of those things that I always find amazing and always lifts me up when I am feeling a bit sorry for myself! This is a joyful and upbeat song reminding us of just how much God loves us, and our response is to dance before the Father for the love that He gave us.

The worship continues and brings in the well know Gospel singer Noel Robinson on the track "Great Titles". This really is a great worship song that reminds us of some of the names that God has in the Bible, and then reminds us that we have the privilege to call God our Daddy! If you can take in all the meanings in these names and then remember that we are adopted Sons and Daughters then it will help you to align with your position and bring power to your faith. As the song continues and builds up musically it cannot fail to build your faith. "Through" is a somewhat slower and more personal song where we see how unfaithful that we can be in our relationship with God, and yet we can still call God Daddy. On top of this we can appeal to those who are poor and needy around us, those that need a Daddy or Mummy in real life. This song invites God to move through us to see the Kingdom more on Earth.

"My Hosanna" reminds me of a Ron Kenoly Gospel track, but this is about a specific moment and prayer, before switching to Jesus death and reigning in Heaven forever. There is plenty of praise and worship in this track with a female Gospel backing which gives this track a lot of depth. If you didn't dance before, you probably will be by the end of this track! There are some great songs that I am listening to at the moment that build up our faith in who God is and what He desires to do in us and what we have His authority for prophecy in situations. "Voice The Sound" reminds us that God speaks and it happens, from the statements of creation, the still small voice and even Ezekiel's valley of dry bones. After recounting and referencing some of the moves of God from the Bible, Yemi moves to prophesy about the various situations that we face that we will see God move in salvation, healing, restoration and more. I think this is a powerful song if we can join in with it in belief and sing these over our circumstances.

In "Son" Yemi briefly moves the focus from the relationship and worship of God the Father and puts his attention on Jesus. Again this is pure worship of Jesus for who He is and what He accomplishes for us as we wait and long for Him. The second verse brings in the strong vocal talents of Jacy-Mai as the worship is raised to Him. The last track is "Prodigal Father" and it is another that had to be reworked from the first draft which Yemi's producer turned down! With the changes and a hook that brings you into the presence of the Father, this is one of the best tracks on the album. It reminds us of who God is and that our identity is in God and His grace and not in anything that we have done in our own strength!

Each of these songs benefits from being put together well. Yemi has a rich vocal which can easily dominate the tunes, but that power is held back and controlled with just the occasional hearing of what it could be. He has a great rich sound and features mainly a fairly classic style of Gospel music and his collaborations are well chosen with voices complimenting each other well. If you want to investigate your relationship with God and to understand better what it means to have a Father in God then this is highly recommended. There are definitely a couple of tracks on here that will be going into my personal faith-building playlist!

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