Music Review: Everything And Nothing Less by Chris McClarney

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December 30, 2015
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Music Review: Everything And Nothing Less by Chris McClarney
Chris McClarney - All Consuming Fire (Live/Lyrics And Chords)
Chris McClarney - Everything And Nothing Less (Live/Lyrics And Chords)

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Holy Moment
All Consuming Fire
God Of Miracles
Everything And nothing Less
Beauty For Ashes
On Earth As It Is In Heaven (feat. Kim Walker-Smith)
Running After You (Deep Calls)
Came To My Rescue

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Jesus Culture Music is proud to partner with Chris McClarney on his debut live album, set to release on June 9, 2015. Chris grew up in the church as the son of a youth pastor and met Jesus at a very young age.

When he was 14 he began leading worship for a small group, which then led to full-time ministry in local churches and inner-city ministry across Nashville, TN. Chris’ powerful worship anthem “Your Love Never Fails” has become one of the most popular songs in America’s churches as reported in the TOP 25 of CCLI and a #1 song on the Billboard Christian chart. This powerful live album features 9 brand new songs recorded live at the 2015 Jesus Culture Sacramento conference.

Chris McClarney is a worship leader, singer and songwriter best known for his songs Your Love Never Fails and Your Love Is Everything. His songs reflect his deep love for God.

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Everything and Nothing Less
(Updated: October 12, 2016)
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Chris McClarney has been around on the worship scene for quite a few years and some of his songs have become very popular in churches around the world. It has to be said that the popularity seems to be more centred on the United States. Despite his popularity this album is the first live worship recording from Chris and was captured at the Jesus Culture Sacramento conference earlier in 2015.

A couple of the live albums that have been reviewed recently have been live recordings coming from the team at Jesus Culture and they seem to be doing a great job mixing the vocals and music so that the music is there to compliment the vocal and not compete.

There are some great songs on this album and it could be said that as you get caught up in this worship you may well experience a few holy moments. This is because not only is Chris a talented musician but he is able to lead with emotional investment and the Spirit which is so important.

There are some incredibly powerful tracks on this album and there is a definite passion conveyed through them. With this album what distracted me somewhat from getting lost in these songs is the repetition which seems to be a bit sloppy in the song-writing. "Our God is an all consuming fire", "You give us beauty for ashes, beauty for ashes, beauty for ashes" these are probably the most prominent and obvious repetitions, but believe me there are others!

I really like Chris McClarney's voice and I feel he is gifted as a writer and if you want to hear him at his best then this album has parts of that, particularly the vocals on "Running After You" which brings out the intensity in the early part of the song - however, unfortunately it isn't long before we end up with seemingly endless repetitions again towards the end of this track.

There are only 9 tracks on this recording and with all the repetition from the tracks that seems unnecessary I would have liked to have heard some more. Sadly when it comes down to it this album has plenty of passion but lacks depth.

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