Music Review: Essential Songs For Kids: Every Move I Make by Various Artists

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June 17, 2018
Every Move I Make - DAVID RUIS
Duggie Dug Dug - Flabbergasted (Official Video)

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The first in a new series, 'Every Move I Make' showcases 12 sensational songs of praise for kids written by top songwriters including Doug Horley, Nick & Becky Drake, Big Ministries and Pete James.

Excellent fuel and energy for their faith!

Songs include Every Move I Make, One For All, Creator God and Disciples Of Jesus.

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Essential Songs For Kids - Every Move I Make
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To compliment some of the adult range of worship compilations, it only seems right that Essential Christian should release this collection of key tracks for the younger listeners. The album is named after what is, probably, the most well-known children's track on this selection "Every Move I Make", but actually there are some great tracks here.

The album starts off with "Creator God" from Nick and Becky Drake, it's one of a number of kids songs called by the same title. This is a good praise song which reminds kids of how involved God is in creation. Unfortunately it's followed by Doug Horley's "Flabbergasted" which is an attempt to be cool, but - well it's not for me, I think I'll leave it there! "One For All" is a track from Spring Harvest which titled their 2017 children's work and it is a lot of fun and introduces some interesting concepts to explain to kids, such as how we are Jesus' Bride! The title track is performed by New Irish Kids and it's a recording that I have come across before on their album "Lighthouse" and it's good to hear kids voices singing the song, it can only encourage your kids to join in!

"Something to Sing About" is a kids worship song from Trevor Ranger and although it's fun it's definitely on the more serious scale on this album. This is followed by Pete James version of "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" and his version is not the traditional style that you might be expecting. I certainly have mixed feelings about this version, I don't think the old one really needed an improvement, and I'm not a big fan of this tune, but I do appreciate that the older version can be a little difficult for children to get their heads around. "Wonderstruck" is a nice upbeat track from Big Ministries which is the 7-11's arm of Youth For Christ. The song is another way of looking at God as creator in more general terms and that God is wonderful and praiseworthy. 

"Reach Up High" was very definitely a favourite of mine as a children's leader, it's just about extravagant praise, although I seem to remember my leading being a little more...exuberant. Another track from Doug Horley is "God's Love Is Wiser" is a much more toned down track than the early one on this album and reminds you why Doug is such a great Children's artist and worker. "Higher, Our God Is Higher" by Spring Harvest does a great job of expressing in a great fun way some of the great attributes of God. Sounding a little bit like a Star Wars style tune underneath this song should appeal to any boys that you find hard to engage with the music in your group or family. Next up is the Grandaddy of British Christian kids music, Ishmael, who brings "Disciples of Jesus" from his 2011 album. This isn't the rip-roaring Ishmael of some tracks and years gone by, this is a more considered track and brings home that as Disciples of Jesus we are waiting for Jesus to return. The last track is a good Christmas song called "Star Bright" and gives something a little bit more modern than the traditional "Away In A Manger" for the kids to sing in the advent services!

Overall this is a good selection of tracks. There are a couple I am not a huge fan of, but that's more about personal taste than anything else. There's enough choice here to give your kids or church group something a little bit different to sing and undoubtedly your group will soon find their favourites from this selection!

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