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Updated March 06, 2019
Different Kind of love
Dave Pittman | ‘Hope’s Song’ (live)

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Singer/songwriter and former American Idol contestant Dave Pittman is set to bow his much-anticipated sophomore recording, Different Kind of Love.

Produced by Jay Speight and Tyrus Morgan—whose combined production and writing credits include Trace Adkins, NewSong, Unspoken and Ginny Owens, among others—the seven song set features six original selections, along with a fresh arrangement of the beloved hymn “I’d Rather Have Jesus.”

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Different Kind Of Love by Dave Pittman
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Our American readers may be familiar with Dave Pittman as he was a contestant on the 2010 series of American Idol. If you saw the show then you may remember his battle with Tourette Syndrome which was highlighted on the show. Being diagnosed with this condition which causes involuntary repetitive movements and sounds at just 9 years old led to a lot of bullying in school. This led to suicidal feelings as he questioned why he had to have this condition and aged just 10 he nearly committed suicide while his parents were out running errands, thwarted only because they came home earlier than he expected. With support from his family and counselling he began to accept his condition but also to see who he was in Christ too. Since the life segment appeared on American Idol the doors opened up for Dave to go into schools, churches and conferences to talk about his struggles and also opportunity to release his first album "Crazy Brave" and now his second release, "Different Kind Of Love".

"Different Kind Of Love" is the first track of the 7 on this release and features vocal input from Seth & Nirva. While the opening feels like this might be a little more rock it soon settles to a middle of the road vocal-led pop number which sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song itself is about what it means to love, the way that we use the word to say that we love a book, or food, then He looks more at what it means for God to love us, and what God's love means. Taking the passage from 1 Cor 13 as the basis Dave lists out the characteristics of true, unconditional love and reminds us that is how God loves us. The short track "Fall To Pieces" has a subtle beat and some background finger snaps along with Dave's warm vocals. This track is about the way that God pursues us, no matter how much we build up barriers around ourselves, God's love can make them fall to pieces. Dave switches into worship-mode with the song "Worthy" which tells about the praise that Jesus deserves in life and in eternity. 

Following on from the worship of "Worthy" we have a confession and a love song. The confession is Dave's part of an argument with his wife which is about the commitment to put those fights aside for their greater strength in their marriage. There is a determination to "Fight To Win" knowing that if they keep fighting they will both lose and pledging that he meant his vows when they were said in the altar and asks God to bind them together in their relationship. This is probably a song that we all need to pull out at some point to remind ourselves that we are meant to fight for that person we love and not against them! 

Dave's condition affected his childhood and he managed to overcome the issues of that time, I am sure he would tell you that it wasn't easy, and it took a lot of time, but more importantly it also took a relationship with Jesus and the hope that brings. This is what comes through in the next track "Hope's Song" as he pours out his heart in prayer at a time when he felt that he had nothing left to cling on to apart from hope. This is such a beautiful, gentle track which is simply backed with Piano and Cello, it's definitely worth listening to for anyone looking to put their desperation into prayerful words. "So Much More" opens up with a bit of despondency about a situation, looking at the problems that we face in this world, then the chorus comes in asking 
"How much more would we see your glory, 
How much more would we feel your love, 
if we lived every day in expectation,
if our hearts were opened up?"
So often we spend so much of our time looking at ourselves and our problems when we should be looking to God. If our eyes were on Him we would see how much He loves us and, perhaps, we would focus on other things than our own need. The last track on the album is an old hymn, and it's one of my favourites.  The song just has very minimal backing with the guitar letting the vocals bring the lyrics home as Dave sings "I'd Rather Have Jesus" and from the way it's sung you know that he passionately means these words!

This EP is only 7 songs long and there is no great variety in styles, but each track is sensitively recorded with just the right amount of instrumentation for Dave's voice. He proves that he doesn't need much backing to make a captivating song in the last track on the album. This is not the album that I expected from the cover, I expected something a little livelier, but then sometimes covers can be deceiving. This is probably more easy-listening than I was expected, but with each track he manages to bring his point home succinctly. This is a great little album, but I would love to see something a bit faster paced and a bit more diversity, particularly if he opts for a longer project with any future recordings.

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