Music Review: Deeper With You by Paul Whitfield

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Updated January 21, 2019
Music Review: Deeper With You by Paul Whitfield
Paul Whitfield Deeper With You Album Trailer

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Deeper With You
Supernatural Majesty
King of My Heart
My Cornerstone
There’ll Be Joy (with Philippa Hanna)
The Church I See
I Will Not Run, I Will Not Hide
Saviour of My Life
Lord of All My Life
In Your Presence
Time To Reflect (Instrumental)
Broken Heart (Instrumental)
Vast (Instrumental)
Deeper With You (Saxophone Instrumental Version)

This is an amazing privilege and responsibility which I enjoy and don’t take lightly. I have been busy writing and recording a contemporary Christian album called “Deeper With You” which you can find details of in the “SOLO PROJECTS section. You can also check out the tracks on my soundcloud page. The album is available on cd as well as digital downloads on all the major download sites. Also the backing tracks are available to download on this site as a resource for churches.

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Deeper With You by Paul Whitfield
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After 22 years on the Northern club scene in the UK, Paul decided to call it a day in 2010. He has been leading worship in his local church for over 10 years and has been writing the songs for this album for a number of years, some of them remaining unfinished until he made a conscious effort to sit down and get some finished! This album was released in 2014 so I am coming to it a little late!

The title track kicks off the album with a simple keys backing it allows the listener to hear the vocals clearly. "Deeper With You" is looking at the longing for that depth of relationship with Jesus. Don't be fooled by the simple, easy-listening style of this track or the cover of the album, Paul is accomplished in many different styles. This is demonstrated straight away with the next track "Supernatural Majesty", in a spiralling array of music and vocals this song moves from ambient to rock very quickly. The later track "Saviour Of My Life" opens with something that sounds like an orchestral movie score before dropping into a dance number! If lyrics are too much for you there are also tracks that just allow you to revel in the beauty of the music itself with instrumentals like "Time To Reflect", "Broken" and "Vast", but even these move through different movements and instruments, taking you on a journey.

Most of these tracks are solid Bible-based songs that can easily be used within church settings of different sizes. Although I haven't heard them in this context, tracks like "King Of My Heart" would play well in many churches. "There'll Be Joy" is a beautiful duet with Philippa Hanna reminding us that sometimes we go through darkness and sadness, but we don't stay in that place, God brings us through.

Amongst the worship songs, Paul brings his position as a worship leader to lay out his vision for the church and what we should be in "The Church I See". With Jesus in the centre, the Holy Spirit active and a welcoming body of people of peace, who offer forgiveness and hope amongst other things. 

This is a well-rounded album, it has many different styles that are dipped into, often returning to the tried and tested keys and vocals. The back end of the album are all instrumentals and this works for me because it does give you time to reflect and just lose yourself in the music, before coming back to  full instrumental version of the title track. I do hope that there is more coming from Paul, this was released in 2014 and shouldn't be his only release. Check out the songs below, because like many of the reviews we do, this album isn't likely to be something you will find in the Christian book shops!

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