Music Review: Christian Roots by Daniel George

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November 13, 2015
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Music Review: Christian Roots by Daniel George
Raise Me Up (ORIGINAL) Christian Worship Song to lift you up into God's Glory
Faith On Fire - Daniel George (Original) Lyric Video - A Christian song of Faith.

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Faith On Fire
Jesus My Redeemer
Raise Me Up
You Pull Me In
Jesus Lives
Triune Song (Three in One)
Christian Roots
Shout It Out Loud (Live)
Child Of God
WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?)
You're My God (Hallelujah)

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Christian Roots is Daniels fourth studio release and is a collection of original Contemporary Christian songs. The album includes; songs of worship, songs about Jesus, and other powerful Christian themes.

Featured on the album are the popular singles; “Raise Me Up” a moving worship song that implores God to raise us up into his glory, and “Faith On Fire” which is an upbeat song about fanning the flame of faith within each of us.

A note from Daniel about Christian Roots

I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home. God and Jesus were in my life right from the beginning. However, even if Jesus was not visible to you right from the start of your life, it doesn’t mean He wasn’t there watching over you and waiting for you to be borne into His forgiveness and love. No matter when, or where, your seeds in Jesus Christ are planted, the roots will begin to grow. You can plant your seeds at any time to start your own growth in His Amazing Grace.

So what does it mean to have Christian Roots? It’s about setting yourself firmly in Him and continuing to grow deeper in His love. It’s about giving your life to God through Jesus Christ. It’s about spreading His word, through everything you do. It’s about love; His love for us, our love for Him and loving all of God’s creation.

Jesus giving his life for us is where all Christians are rooted, directly from the cross and the deep love that Jesus showed to us by shedding His blood, giving us hope, forgiveness, and eternal life with Him and God the Father.

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Roots Revival?
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The amazing thing about Social Media is that you can reach out to people who you might never meet or know about in real-life. It was through Twitter that we discovered Daniel. Since 2001 he has been writing and recording music. Taking responsibility for writing and singing the main vocals for all his recordings, "Christian Roots" is Daniel's fourth album.

I didn't know what to expect from Daniel as I have not heard his music before. If you listen to the two videos that we have included above then you will hear that he has an interesting pitch to his voice, a lot higher than I expected to be honest. I have to admit this took me by surprise, I didn't know quite what to make of it!

As I continued to listen it was clear to me that this was a man who is thoroughly passionate about his experience as a Christian and wants to communicate this to as many people as possible. As I was trying to focus on the lyrics of the album the vocals impacted me more, possibly because of the slightly haunting quality to the vocals. They certainly grew on me and some of the tracks include some great hooks and I found myself humming along and even joining in, although I couldn't quite hit some of the notes that Daniel got spot on! - Whatever you think of the style it's very clear that he can sing.

A lot of the lyrics have a simplistic feel to them which is great because it means that this can appeal to all ages. In my opinion though some of the tracks have a monosyllabic sound at points which makes them sound more simplistic. To tighten up the vocals a little and possibly add a little more depth, I would like a second vocal to counterpoint Daniels naturally higher vocal range.

This album is certainly enjoyable and expresses a deep sincerity on Daniels part. Gratefulness for his childhood Christian home, something which gives the album it's title. This is a mix of worship and rock with many of the songs expressing praise for God and Jesus. There are some deeper concepts of faith investigated and there are testimonials of God in Daniel's life that bubble through the lyrics in other places.

This album deserves to find an audience who will appreciate something new and different, check it out in the music videos and download from iTunes today.

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