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Updated January 29, 2019
Beyond Here
Deep Peace - Salt Of The Sound (official lyric video)
Beyond Here - Salt Of The Sound (official music video)

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Beyond Here is the third album from critically acclaimed husband and wife duo Salt of the Sound. Following in the footsteps of Journeys (2013) and Echoes Of Wonder (2015), Beyond Here is their most personal release to date, exploring deeper themes of pain, grief and loss. Yet the abiding message is one of hope and trust in God's calling on our lives.

Salt of the Sound's signature ambient, reflective style is married with driving electronic elements and swashes of vocals and organic sounds, inviting the listener into sonic territories that breathe new life into contemporary Christian music.

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Beyond Here by Salt of the Sound
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This is the third full album from husband and wife duo Ben and Anita Tatlow, better known as Salt of the Sound. In this adventure of being open to God's leading you never know where you are going to end up. Anita and Ben are originally based out of Stockholm, but have, since the release of this album, have taken up a role in Hong Kong as part-time musical directors for an international church. This album is described by the couple as the most personal release as they had been through a difficult personal and spiritual season and they decided to put that into their music.

A new Salt of the Sound album is always a treat for the listener as they create an atmospheric soundscape that is able to gently wash over you. The music and Anita's vocals seem to work beautifully together as one in a very organic fashion. The lyrics are light and often repeat key ideas over the music, and despite the limited nature manage to capture the essence of the human struggle, the heart's cry and the worship experience. The album opens with "Shelter" which is an appeal to God for shelter, it's a fairly short track and echoes how many of us feel when moments of life hit and we are struggling to cope. The title track, "Beyond Here", has more of the ambient build up of the music as the lyrics express the desire to go where God calls us, to follow Him, even if it seems out of reach. From here it's into an instrumental track that merges natural sounds of the sea and storm with light instrumental to create a wonderful soundscape and just something to wash over you.

With "Take Me Broken" the lyrics do almost become embedded as part of the music, you need to listen hard to separate what is actually being said and to catch every word. The next track "Calling in the Wind" see's us waiting for a response, waiting to hear from God, questioning our own insecurities and learning to relax and listen for God's voice in our lives. The lyrics may be few on this album but they work brilliantly as this track rounds out with the idea that we hear God's voice calling us "Beyond Here". This is followed by an instrumental that is entitled "Petrichor", I had to look up the meaning of the word and the Google dictionary describes it as " a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather." This music represents the refreshing rain of God on the dry, thirsty soul, this leaves us with a "Deep Peace", finding that God was there in the unexpected places all along, because we have asked Him to be with us.

"For Those Who Wander" echoes some of what has gone before, in this short verse it speaks of finding God's love in those times when we are in shadow, or our lives hit a storm. After all these sentiments of understanding the peace of knowing and experiencing God in the ordinary you might expect doubt to be put to rest, but as humans we still worry, so "Breathe New Life" asks again if we will find God, and if we do will He breathe new life into us? The album rounds out with a reprise of the title track dedicating ourselves to reaching out to where God leads us.

There is a huge warmth in this album and it is also so relaxing. I am one of those people who feel tired and head to bed only to find that my mind can be on a fast loop of all the things that are going on in life. I am not ashamed to admit that I have used this album to relax me whilst lying in bed and actually help me sleep. It is a gentle reminder that life has it's storms, but God is there if we see him in the sacred, but He can also be found in the ordinary day-to-day experiences. We need to find our rest, peace and confidence in Him alone. It is only in the "Beyond Here (Reprise)" that this has the large open and soaring soundscape, some of the other atmosphere's created in these are more intense and acute but still beautiful. This is another album for personal reflection and meditation, or even just a mental unwind, and it's very needed in today's world where there is so much hustle and bustle.

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