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Music Review: Between Haircuts by Mr Ekow

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Updated January 11, 2018
Music Review: Between Haircuts by Mr Ekow
Between Haircuts EP Trailer

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If A Tree Falls [prod. TheUnsung]
Broken Images [prod. Prospect]
Drive Away ft. Ruth-Ellen [prod. Prospect]
Senseless ft. Myles The Rhetorical [prod. Taiko]
You Bring Me The Light ft. Titi The Writer & Ebonie G
On Top [prod. Prospect]

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Croydon rapper, Mr Ekow is back with his 4th EP - Between Haircuts. In a world obsessed with finding the perfect angle for a selfie, Between Haircuts pushes aside the facades and explores the nitty gritty in between. The EP paints an honest, personal picture of trying to maintain faith in a broken world and looking for light in the darkness.

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Between Haircuts by Mr Ekow
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This is Mr Ekow's fourth EP and this time he is looking at a number of different aspects of life. This was a collection of tracks before it ever had a title, and he confessed as much when I chatted to him some time ago and he said " It explores a bit about the transition time of life, which is the entire part of life, being a Christian, waiting for glory and heaven and the awkward bits in between." The awkward bits in between is life, and it's what happens "Between Haircuts", so on this EP Mr Ekow navigates his way through the Christian life.

The first track considers if what we do and say makes any difference, does anybody really notice? Using the old philosophical question of "If a tree falls in the forest and no-one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" he asks if people will listen to what we say. Asking "if a man falls in a busy city does he make a sound or is his death drowned out" and will he be remembered or forgotten? There are a few different Bible references scattered through this track which will have you looking up to find out what he's really talking about.

"Broken Images" is a look at the way we live inside our heads and the things that are presented to us by the media and the culture around us, plus the stress and everything that mounts up to put pressure on the way that we see ourselves. The relentless pace and beat just make this track feel as overwhelming as the things mounting up in the lyrics that are expertly spit by Mr Ekow. There are other vocal effects added in production that give a variation in the speech, slowing down and deepening the lyrics and providing a different sound for the ear. "Drive Away" introduces a female vocal from artist Ruth Ellen, which provides a counter to the rap. This is about getting away from everything, going for a drive with no destination in mind and leaving the troubles of your life behind you. The only trouble is when you come back the same troubles are there waiting for you. The suggested alternative is that you can face the problems and pray. This does have a great feeling and provides one of those summer sounds that do make you think of driving on a warm day.

These tracks are surprisingly honest about the nature of life that we try to live as Christians, so often we feel we have to live up to some perfect example, but we are all too aware that we fall far short of that. This is an honest conversation about the struggles of the young Christian. Yet there is hope, because the ideals that we seek to live up to may not actually be what faith is about, because it's meant to be about the light of Jesus and not a list of rules and regulations that dictate what freedom is and isn't. This revelation is expressed in "You Bring Me The Light" as very poetically Titi The Writer and Ebonie G express their view on what it means to live in the light. This EP rounds out with "On Top" which carries a strong beat and message about living on top and overcoming the daily struggles because we are blessed by God. Remembering where our hope and help comes from and that our faith isn't a crutch, but a necessity because we face down more because of what we believe and have the ability, through God, to conquer those things.

If you like free music and you like a bit of rap then this it's definitely worth downloading. There is so much in the rap culture that fails to ask questions and sticks with the status quo and the accepted topics for the style of music, Mr Ekow takes things a little more philosophically, but also addresses life as a Christian with an honesty that is rare. Life happens, it's not always pretty, but we have to go through things that may not be easy, even as Christians. Choosing to follow a faith doesn't make things easier, but we are promised that God is with us -sometimes the battle is to remember that, and that is what Mr Ekow reminds us.

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