Music Review: As Family We Go (Deluxe Edition) by Rend Collective

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September 24, 2015
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As Family We Go
As Family We Go Story - Rend Collective

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Free As A Bird
You Will Never Run
Every Giant Will Fall
One And Only
Joy Of The Lord
Never Walk Alone
Your Royal Blood
Just A Glimpse
Coming Home
The Artist
Ireland's Call
You Will Never Run (Neon Feather Remix)
One And Only (Urban Rescue Mix)
Never Weigh Me Down
Every Giant Will Fall (Ukulele Version)

The eagerly anticipated new album from Rend Collective, As Family We Go. Highlighted by the single "You Will Never Run," the new studio record features engaging, upbeat worship that brings listeners closer to God.

Hailing from Bangor, Northern Ireland, Rend Collective are one of Christian music's most exciting artists. Their previous release, The Art Of Celebration, debuted at #1 on the Christian & Gospel Chart with over 18,000 albums sold and features the hit "My Lighthouse."
This deluxe edition includes 5 bonus tracks featuring 3 remixes, 'Ireland's Call' and one new song.
As Family We Go Deluxe CD by Rend Collective Experiment

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Soak It In
(Updated: October 12, 2016)
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Soak It In
Rend Collective are now part of the worship landscape and their last album "The Art Of Celebration" seems to have been a huge break-through as far as acceptance goes for this band from Ireland. This is the first album that see's the group dropping the "experiment" from their name and is also a first album to be released on the Rend Family Records label.

"The Art Of Celebration" is a tough album to top because it was so easy to listen to and nicely diverse. Thankfully that diversity remains with "As Family We Go". Having said that there seems to be a style that is becoming a dominant sound for Rend Collective on this album, that's no bad thing and they do manage to avoid the pitfall of everything ending up sounding identical to the last album. This one is familiar and comfortable in tone and tune, inspiring a positive vibe in the listener. After a few listens through it's impossible not to join in with the worship and celebration - which is exactly what you want in this type of album.

In the past Rend Collective have brilliantly blended older and familiar hymns and choruses with a modern sound or additional lyrics. The track "Royal Blood" continues this tradition with echoing the favourite "Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus" but with more of a R'n'B styling than the standard folk arrangements elsewhere on this album.

There is plenty here for everyone to enjoy. There are plenty of catchy lyrics and hooks that will have you singing along and dare I say, even dancing?

The version of the album that we reviewed is a special Deluxe Edition which offers greater value for money as we get some different versions of a couple of the earlier tracks. The stand out track of these few extra's is the Ukulele version of "Every Giant Will Fall" which brings a whole different feel to the track. Add to this a cover of the Ireland Rugby song "Ireland's Call" then this is another solid album. If I'm honest with myself it doesn't quite get up to "The Art of Celebration" but it's close and well worth letting your ears, brain, heart and spirit soak in it!

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