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Music Review: All Through History by Nick Drake, Becky Drake

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Updated July 04, 2018
Nick & Becky Drake - City On A Hill (Official Lyric Video) // Worship For Everyone
Sign Your Cross (Official Lyric Video) - Nick & Becky Drake // Easter Worship Songs
God Is Here (Official Lyric Video) - Nick & Becky Drake // Worship For Everyone

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We are so excited to release this Spring our brand new album, ALL THROUGH HISTORY: 10 Years of Worship For Everyone.

It’s all of our best songs, hand picked with some special new versions, all in one place. We wanted a product that would be perfect for a family in the car, a school teacher for assembly, a church looking to learn new songs. We’re confident we’ve cracked it! It features all the classics from our very first album, like ‘Big Family of God’, ‘Creator God’, ‘All Through History’, right through to a new version of ‘God is Here’ from our second album, ‘God is Love’ from Unique and then our latest singles that have never been on an album – ‘City On A Hill’ and ‘Sign Your Cross’.

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All Through History by Nick and Becky Drake
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Nick and Becky Drake are trying to do something old, but in a new way. The church is meant to be united, not in a Catholics and Protestants all getting along kind of way, although that would be good, but in the actual family in your church. The tradition in churches is that kids either don't join in the service at all, or they are in for part of the service and leave for some sort of club half way through, and there is a place for that. Adults and children learn differently and that is fine. How about worship though? Do kids get included in your worship, or do the adults roll their eyes when you have a kids song in the service, or is the kids section about getting them to perform at the front? Nick and Becky have a vision of "Worship For Everyone" songs that everyone can sing together no matter their age. hey believe that songs can be written truly for everyone, young and old, families and individuals, every age and stage of life to enjoy together - and they have been working this out for several years in the local church community.

They released albums in 2008 (Big Family Of God) and 2010 (God Is Here) which started to form this idea and then everything came together with "Unique" which really launched the idea and values of "Worship For Everyone". So this album is a selection of tracks from these albums, some of them re-recorded and then a few new tracks thrown in for good measure.

The album opens with "God is Here" which has a great tween-pop feel and is a song of exuberant worship. This track doesn't come from any of the releases mentioned above though, it was originally recorded for Spring Harvest's 2017 Big Start programme. It is "City On a Hill" which is the first track that is a song that transcends the age barriers, because it's simple enough for kids to sing and understand but adults cannot argue with the lyrics because they are straight out of the Bible. It's got enough complexity in the way this song is put together that you wouldn't automatically class it as kids music.

"Big Family of God" is not quite as complex, it's quite clearly written with kids in mind, but this track has become a classic since it's release. "God is Love" is a track that would sit well in any worship service, and "God Be Glorified" is a song that maintains a simplicity, but instrumentally it has a good, mature sound. "All Through History" takes us back to something that feels more kid centred and the kids vocals and sound effects clarify this idea. That's not to say that there isn't plenty here for adults to learn and reinforce with their kids. This song also deals quite clearly with how Jesus death fits into the story of history and the Bible and the unchanging love of God for us. "Faith" drops back into that tween pop-dance space and discusses how we need faith in our day to day lives to change things.

"Sign Your Cross" is another of the new tracks on the album and it sounds like something that you may well hear on Christian radio, you certainly wouldn't say that it was aimed at kids and this is exactly what their whole "Worship For Everyone" ethos is about. It's a beautiful song, but I can see it appealing to all but the very youngest, but even they could join in with the chorus! "Our God's Generous" fits back in the tween-pop feeling but it's a nice uplifting and positive song, something that we all need! "Creator God" is one of my favourites on this album, it's one of the classics from "Big Family of God" and it's pops along with a joyful positivity about how great God's creation is, and praise for the One behind it. "Pray At All Times" is one of those tracks that just remind me of some of the stuff that was coming out of the American CCM market towards the end of the 80's. That's not a bad thing and it reminds us that we can speak to God at any point in many different ways. The album rounds out with "The Angels Knew" which has become, over the years, a bit of a modern Christmas classic, which may become a skipped track on multiple plays, but hey, why not celebrate the birth of Jesus all through the year?

This is a great little resource. It's proper worship and it's got plenty of songs that will appeal across the generations. It tells of the reason for our faith and it praises God and encourages all ages to worship together. I think some of the tracks on here are too childish to quite be worship for everyone, but it definitely shows the progression that they have made. Highly recommend this as a resource for your church, or just the car or around the home.

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