We talk to people using their creativity for the Kingdom of God, whether musicians, singer / songwriters, comedians and more. Check out these great interviews as we look beyond the music to find out what motivates these artists.
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Josh Curnow - Interview
If you love Saturday night TV in the UK then you will be very familiar with the Cornish semi-finalist of Britain’s Got Talent – Josh Curnow. We took our chance to talk to Josh after his appearance at Creation Fest in August. In a very candid interview Josh tells...
Vamoosery - Interview
They describe themselves as a female fronted prog-rock outfit with a unique sound and they played UK's Creation Fest earlier this year and they sound absolutely brilliant! The band comes from Coventry and have recorded one EP and are hoping to get back into the studio and record a...
Julie Elias - Interview
It's actually a pleasant autumn night in Newquay, Cornwall and the local Costa is gearing up to host a concert in association with the local churches and Oriel Ministries (the people behind LED?). The performer for the evening is Julie Elias and she is sitting opposite me and we...
Steve Parsons - Interview
As a teenager I used to attend a youth event once a month and one week there was a young guy there bringing a small concert and promoting his second album - "Simple Faith", that guy was Steve Parsons. Now he's older and wiser, but still bringing music that...
46 results - showing 25 - 28  
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