We talk to people using their creativity for the Kingdom of God, whether musicians, singer / songwriters, comedians and more. Check out these great interviews as we look beyond the music to find out what motivates these artists.
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Andy Kind Interview
He hasn’t got Michael McIntyre’s floppy hair or, for the Cornish- Jethro’s beard (although he did borrow a flat cap during his performance), but Andy Kind is a bone-fide Comedian. He’s also an author and general comedy writer who has been on the comedy circuit since 2005, so when...
Updated - Daughters Of Davis Interview
How far would you go to follow your dreams? Would you give up your job, buy a van and tour the country busking and hoping to make a living from your music? If that sounds like a challenge two young ladies did exactly that four years ago! They sold...
In Conversation With Noel & Tricia Richards (part 2)
Having discussed the change in style from rock 'n' roll worship to the more mellow mini-albums of "Favourite Place" and "Wonderful" in part 1. Noel and Tricia have been writing together for years but how do they work? We also touch on the changes with their move to Spain,...
In Conversation With Noel & Tricia Richards (part 1)
Noel & Tricia Richards are the husband and wife song writing team who have given the church some of it's most enduring worship including All Heaven Declares and By Your Side...As "accidental worship leaders" they paved the way for many church bands and worship "artists" I wanted to find...
46 results - showing 41 - 44  
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