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God's Compass
"God's north for you only needs courage to be realised." Suzanne Waters, on the night of her retirement, is suddenly faced with a series of unexpected crises. Whilst driving home from the event, Suzanne's heavily pregnant daughter-in-law Jessica begins having contractions. Alone, and far...
From the creators of the highly acclaimed motion picture "King's Faith" comes Wildflower, a powerful film that reveals how hope can be found even in your darkest moments. Creatively gifted college student Chloe Moray (Nathalia Ramos, House of Anubis) finds solace from a difficult childhood in her art. But...
Veggietales:Puppies and Guppies
Larry and the Gang are back in 8 new episodes!" "Whoever can be trusted with guppies may one day be trusted with puppies" Both Larry the Cucumber and Laura that Carrot want a pet each. Not just any pet, mind you. But a...
War Room
Brothers Stephen and Alex Kendrick write this poignant drama about a marriage on the brink of collapse. Elizabeth Jordan (Priscilla C. Shirer) feels like her husband Tony (T.C. Stalling) is slowly slipping away from her, going away on business trips and no longer communicating with her or their daughter....
The Gospel Of John
Word-for-word, The Gospel of John faithfully re-creates the stories of John's gospel with narration from veteran actors Brian Cox (Troy, the Bourne films) and David Harewood (Blood Diamond, Homeland). Shot on location in Morocco, this first film in the Lumo Project series uses on location filming...
15 results - showing 11 - 15  
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