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All Saints
December 31, 2017   1   2  
The inspiring true story of how a group of refugees from Burma brought life and purpose to a struggling church. After trading in his corporate sales career to become a pastor, Michael's first assignment is All Saints, a quaint country church with a dozen members. It comes with a...
April 12, 2017   0   3  
Voiceless is the story of one man's fight that may cost him absolutely everything. That man is Jesse Dean. Recently discharged from the US Army, Jesse stumbles into a job with a waning Philadelphia Church, as their outreach leader. Wasting no time, and refusing to settle for conventional methods...
The Insanity Of God
February 21, 2017   1   3  
Would you follow Jesus, even when it doesn't make sense? That's the question that is asked of Nik and Ruth Ripken as, out of the pain of losing their only son, they choose to follow Christ into the darkest, most dangerous places on the planet. To...
The God Particle- DVD
December 30, 2016   1   4  
A scientist and a vicar walk into a bar. Joining forces to solve a perplexing mystery, they discover the real meaning of faith, knowledge, love and the importance of keeping an open mind.
Joseph & Mary
November 14, 2016   1   3  
At a time of much civil unrest, Elijah is unsuccessful at stopping the execution of an innocent citizen by a corrupt Roman publican, intent to collect taxes. The dying man urges Elijah to protect his surviving widow and their two young sons. But while Jesus survives King Herod the...
Miracles From Heaven
October 17, 2016   1   3  
Based on the incredible true story of the Beam family. When Christy (Jennifer Garner) discovers her 10-year-old daughter Anna (Kylie Rogers) has a rare, incurable disease, she becomes a ferocious advocate for her daughter’s healing as she searches for a solution. After Anna has a freak accident, an extraordinary...
Peter: The Redemption
October 03, 2016   1   4  
In 64 AD, after secretly setting his city ablaze to create more space for his palace, the Emperor Nero lays the blame on the new Christian sect and orders their arrest. Their leader, the Apostle Peter is thrown into prison where he is tortured. When Peter is...
One Way & The Fruit Of The Spirit
October 02, 2016   1   3  
Do you have a desire to memorize the Word of God with your kids? Join Luinksi, Jane and a group of friends on this action packed adventure, and sing along with them as they learn about Christ and the fruit of the Spirit. ...
Dogs Go To Heaven
September 23, 2016   0   3  
Both a master of comedy and a master of ceremony, Lowry takes listeners on a journey with his musical prowess and heartfelt stories with guest appearances from The Martins and TaRanda Greene. His antics combine seamlessly with inspiring messages bringing audiences simultaneously to laughter and tears....
God's Not Dead 2
August 16, 2016   0   3  
"Where will you stand?" Grace Wesley, a high school teacher and committed Christian, is in trouble. Whilst teaching her pupils about the history of non-violence, Grace is asked by one of her pupils if that was also something Jesus taught. ...
15 results - showing 1 - 10  
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