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Updated January 03, 2017
The God Particle- DVD
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A scientist and a vicar walk into a bar. Joining forces to solve a perplexing mystery, they discover the real meaning of faith, knowledge, love and the importance of keeping an open mind.

The God Particle is a romantic comedy with a hint of sci-fi from award-winning co-writer of BBC1’s Miranda, BBC3’s Bluestone 42 and Radio 4’s Another Case of Milton Jones. It’s deep, smart, and very funny.

“...moments of great hilarity... quite simply a show that just works.” **** Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe

Filmed at a performance of the play in front of a live audience at The Merlin Theatre in Frome, the DVD includes an interview with the cast, Anna Newcome and Joshua Leese, and the writer/director, James Cary.

This DVD can only be purchased through The Good Book Company

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The God Particle
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This play has been touring the UK for a couple of years including a spell at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013, I actually caught a performance in June that year when I was visiting some friends in London and they invited me along to the performance in Beckenham. As a play the set-up is very minimal with just a couple of wooden chairs and a bench providing all the reference you need to understand what is happening. The version for the DVD is shot against a black background with some focused lighting which helps the stage area to be created. This is a performance that is made to travel light!

There are just 2 actors in the whole 80 minute performance which means that everything has to be conveyed by these two people who are going to give a whole load of information to set the scene and also the characters background. The play starts with Dr Bex Kenworthy in a village bar talking to her Mum on her mobile. We immediately find out the Bex is on the lookout for a man, she's been stood up and is wondering how life ever came to this moment. When Gilbert walks in she gets off the phone in order to not look desperate. They start chatting, when her phone rings Bex excuses herself, she see's Gilbert as a prospect for romance, until she notices his dog collar. Yes he is the new vicar in the village of Threepiggs. From there follows an immediate discussion of the differences between Religion and Science, as Bex is a scientist at the local Institute of Advanced Quantum Physics.

With any play of this nature it takes a lot to hold the attention, but this play has a lot of strange things happening which also have to be accounted for, like time travel, looping moments of time and talking donkeys! Yes you read that correctly. So it is a real credit to the actors that all this holds your attention from start to end as they unravel the mystery behind the institute and the disappearance of the previous vicar and why TV detector vans keep exploding close to the church.

Of course part of what makes this so watchable is clever writing from James Cary who is a co-writer of BBC's Miranda and more BBC comedy series. With this work he has managed to make one of the debates of our time into a great and entertaining play with references for the Christians and the Scientist communities. This questions whether an open mind is a good thing or not, but also whether any of us can truly have an open mind about something like religion.

This could be quite an academic play if handled badly but thankfully the difficult elements of physics and religion have some basic introduction. This play is aimed at a wide age range from 13 up. I watched this with my 12 year-old step daughter last night and although I was worried she wouldn't get some of it, she really enjoyed the play and the humour and understood exactly what was going on.

I thoroughly recommend this DVD to you, but if you get the option to see it live in a church close to you, or at one of the big festivals then I would seriously encourage you to go and experience it on the evening because there are always slight tweaks to a live performance like this. The DVD may seem a little steep at £15 but you are supporting the ability for this play to keep touring and bringing the discussion to new audiences. This DVD itself could be used as a light opener for a discussion on Science and Religion in a small group - or even a youth group of the right age.

How entertaining is this, I am not exaggerating if I tell you that after I watched this I watched "Suicide Squad" and despite the big stars and big action sequences the plot of "The God Particle" held together much better and was actually a more enjoyable experience!

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