One Way & The Fruit Of The Spirit

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Updated October 02, 2016
One Way & The Fruit Of The Spirit
One Way & The Fruit of the Spirit - Trailer

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Do you have a desire to memorize the Word of God with your kids?

Join Luinksi, Jane and a group of friends on this action packed adventure, and sing along with them as they learn about Christ and the fruit of the Spirit.


Paul McIntyre's desire is for both kids and adults to worship their Creator and know Him in a deep, personal relationship. With a degree in worship from Liberty University, he is a writer of music for Red Tie Music and Child Evangelism Fellowship.

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One Way & Fruits of the Spirit
(Updated: October 03, 2016)
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If you have children and you are a Christian then you want them to understand the things that you believe. The Bible is not always the easiest thing for adults to read and understand, let alone our kids. So how can we help them,and maybe us, understand more key concepts and learn what the Bible has to say? Singing is often the answer - putting truths to catchy music works well. Through the years there have been many excellent tunes put out for children from Singspiration, Ishmael, Doug Horley, Veggietales and more recently Slugs and Bugs.

So now Paul McIntyre and SwordSmith Records have put together this 5 track selection of songs. You can listen to the tracks on the CD which has been recorded and sounds very clear and crisp. The songs themselves are upbeat and fairly catchy and remind me of some that I have seen on kids TV programmes, and they do a great job of conveying simple truths and Bible verses to both children and their adults. The CD provides a great backup and reinforcing tool for the main resource here, the DVD.

This DVD tells the story of Luinski who is a rather overly rotten business man, who overhears a group of kids talking about the fruit of the Spirit, but he doesn't realise what it is. Determined to find out how he can utilise the fruit for a business venture he tracks the kids as they go about their day, themselves uncovering a little more about the Fruit. The story is interrupted a few times with some commercials emphasising that you cannot buy things like patience - reinforcing the teaching from the Bible. Also interspersed throughout are the songs which are performed by the people on the DVD with some simple dance / actions.

Unfortunately the video is shot with an incredibly limited budget and this shows. Also the acting is a little too over the top. Of course I am looking at this as an adult.and also a critic. I am not sure if children will see it the same way - or if they will just go with the story. For me as a critic I would say this project really needed a professional light and sound crew, even using the same actors I think it would have made a difference. The other thing that would have improved the show was outside of their control was the weather. It honestly looked quite windy and cold on a day that was meant to be sunny.

There are definitely some funny moments and the bloopers as extras on the DVD have some funny moments and despite the issues I have mentioned, I think there is more value to this than it would appear. I think some kids will find it funny, even if it might be for the wrong reasons! However the songs bring this project together well - they emphasise some different elements and reinforce the story and the Biblical values.

I think it is great that they have tried to do this even if the DVD feels a little bit amateurish, I have seen things with much bigger budgets that have suffered from many of the same issues as this DVD. I love that they are trying to do something different, and if some people get behind this project and buy this, then perhaps next time they can have a little more budget to make a DVD that matches the quality of the songs.

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