Dogs Go To Heaven

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Updated September 23, 2016
Dogs Go To Heaven

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Both a master of comedy and a master of ceremony, Lowry takes listeners on a journey with his musical prowess and heartfelt stories with guest appearances from The Martins and TaRanda Greene.

His antics combine seamlessly with inspiring messages bringing audiences simultaneously to laughter and tears.

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Dogs Go To Heaven
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I don't think that Mark Lowry is as well known in the UK as he is in the US, however you probably know one of his songs "Mary Did You Know". No I didn't know it was written by him either! Mark previously used to sing as part of the main Gaither Vocal Band but has since diversified into comedy which compliments his repertoire of classic gospel songs, hymns and some country style music.

This is his first DVD in 11 years and my first experience of him. The DVD and the CD are similar in content although there is more on the DVD, so we are using that as the basic for most of the review. The CD misses some of the comedy moments that are cut in and there are a few songs less, although it is still a pleasant listening experience.

The DVD opens with Stan Whitmire playing a fantastic piano version of "Great Is The Lord" before one of the Gaither bands, The Martins start with a song "Count Your Blessings". It is when "Jesus Laughing" starts that Mark appears on stage and takes the lead in this track. As the show gets under way it is very clear that this recording is something quite personal to Mark, and many of the stories are funny, but personal, especially when he starts talking about his Mom.

First comedy section about Old Age is a funny section and shows the gentle but funny humour that Mark is going to bring to the audience. Obviously the older in the audience (honestly the target audience for many of Gaither recordings) can empathise with this section of the act. It's great to hear the story of how Mark was involved in getting The Martins started on their journey, but also his memories of certain older acts that I am unfamiliar with.

Some of his humour is just the right side of irreverence, and it's very clear that Bill and Gloria and others take it all in good humour. Although I am not terribly familiar with the Gaither Vocal Group his warmth and affection for the older 'characters' that have now passed on is really quite touching, even when he flippantly says he was watching a video of them "Dead, dead, dead, Me, dead, Bill Gaither - almost dead..."

As I mention the most touching section is a short video that he shot on his phone of his late mother and him singing a song - that she wrote, despite her memory loss she could remember the words, but she couldn't remember she wrote the song. As a tribute to his Mom he sings the track. Truly a touching moment.

There are some very funny moments, and just a moment later there are poignant testimonies, then turned around to a touching tribute. This is delicately balanced, a lot of fun and plays to a specific American older audience. Having said that I enjoyed this DVD and even on a second watching it is just nice, clean and warm humour. Mark is a great talent, he's even been asked to speak at the Dove awards, showing appeal beyond just the Gaither community. It is this short monologue that gives the DVD and CD it's name!

If you are looking for an inspiring mix of comedy and music then this is your DVD. There are great renditions from The Martins and Mark of many songs. They also have an excellent version of "Mary Did You Know?" with Mark supported by the First Baptist Church Choir of Hendersonville, it sounds absolutely amazing! This is definitely worth watching, you will laugh and possibly cry and I am sure you will be moved, particularly if you remember the old school of the Gaither Vocal Group!

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