Ian Zumback - New Full Length Album

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Ian Zumback new album Indie Go Go

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Ian Zumback
Project Overview
Ian Zumback has a beautifully written and creative project that needs your help to make it happen.
End Date
August 20, 2017
Rewards Offered
  • Download One Song
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  • Signed CD
  • T-Shirt
  • 7" Vinyl

Ian Zumback is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, area and a recording artist with Old Bear Records / Sprig Music.  He is a former worship leader for Celebrate Recovery through a ministry in Upstate New York.  Ian's first single off of this project "Murderer a Messenger" was featured on a 20 minute music documentary called Harmonized Sounds .  The episode documents some of the recording techniques used by producer, Chris Hoisington, as well as shares the story behind the song.  "Murderer a Messenger" was featured on a recent Song Discovery CD resource produced by Worship Leader Magazine and was named one of 2016's best songs by theworshipcommunity.com.  Ian is regularly on tour sharing his songs and stories at churches, festivals, recovery meetings, coffee shops, house shows, and more. 


This album is for both music lovers that seek out and enjoy well written & performed studio albums with cool and innovative production elements (more to follow...) ; as well as people that want to hear a message of encouragement and hope through music.  The content of the songs are inspired by personal life experiences, and Biblical narratives that touch on themes of grace, friendship, and redemption.  Ian Zumback - New Full Length Album | Indiegogo

We love trying things at Old Bear Studios.  We have organs, guitars, tape machines, percussive instruments, amps and more that date back to the 60's.  We utilize these vintage instruments to create the sounds that we love on our albums.  With Ian's record, producer Chris Hoisington who is a vinyl record collector, discovered that when a vinyl record completes its play on one side - the needle hitting the paper creates a unique noise that sounds like a lo-fidelity percussive instrument.  Chris approached Ian about trying to create an entire album utilizing these unique vinyl record sounds to create the drum and rhythm tracks for the songs.  Ian loved the idea.  On the album you will hear organically created beats that are unique sounds from vinyl albums being used as an instrument; that we would play in the studio, record, and organize in a pattern to create the beats for Ian's project.  We love how it sounds and think you will too. Since vinyl is so important to Old Bear, Chris, and Ian - many of the perks for this project will be directly tied to our vinyl passion!




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