Filtered Life Network - Faith-Based Content

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Filtered Life Network - Faith-Based Content

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Project Started By
Ray Jones
Project Overview
Our goal is to create content in many forms and styles that will support new generations on their faith journey.
End Date
July 08, 2017
Rewards Offered
  • thank you
  • Copy Of Book
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Understanding the history, context, and ideals of our faith can take years to glean from simply going to church. To new generations who have been raised on a steady diet of digital content, many available resources can be seen as simply unapproachable. Our goal is to create content in many forms and styles that will support these generations on their faith journey.


The Filtered Life Network is being formed as a faith-based content creation ministry, creating videos, podcasts, print material, and curriculum for youth ministry. We will be launching a YouTube Channel with multiple series and featured videos, produce podcasts for distribution on iTunes and develop student ministry lessons and materials for youth workers for FREE. Dynamic, Faith-based content is the name of the game.   

We are launching our ministry with the release of the book, Faith Transplanted, while simultaneously developing seven individual series to launch on our YouTube Channel this Fall. Our podcast will also be released this Fall on iTunes, Facebook and on our website. The youth ministry material is set for release in November 2017. 


Prayer is obviously the biggest thing you can do to help us spread God’s good news of hope, joy, and restoration through faith in Jesus. Financial Support is also very much needed. We want to keep our content free of charge and free of ads as much as possible, so we are launching as a crowd-funded, non-profit organization.

Supporting us with a one-time gift through Kickstarter or a recurring monthly gift through Patreon, helps us form a ministry budget and be good stewards of your gracious gifts. Both sites allow us to give you rewards based on your gift amount, so there is specific content that only you and other supporters will have access to such as: Behind the scenes info, production updates, blooper reels and much more. Every dollar goes a long way to help us spread the message.

The Team

We have a team of people who are contributing in many different ways. We hope to add to our team as we develop new ideas and new opportunities are made available to us. 

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