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It’s springtime again, the time of year when we hope for better, warmer weather. We see all bright beautiful colours of spring in our fields and hedgerows. I just love seeing the daffodils out, and it reminds me of Mother’s Day, when children sometimes give these beautiful flowers to their mums to make them feel special.

When you think of a Daffodil what comes to mind for you?

Is it the bright yellow petals and the fresh colour of the green stem, perhaps it makes you think of warmer weather or even Philippa Hanna’s Daffodil Song?

For me, it is all the above, something I just love to see, they make me smile as they seem such a happy flower that makes people happy. Philippa Hanna’s song is a positive loving song which has helped me in some hard times. I love to buy some Daffodils for my ladies group to share the happiness with them and to make them feel loved.

I always thought of daffodils as a positive thing, but last week scrolling through Facebook I saw a news story about a policewoman who confiscated daffodils from a couple of young girls. They were picking them for Mother’s Day from the grass verge on public land. Read the story.

This seems like a small new story but as I looked through some comments on Facebook post I saw people all saying what they thought of this story. Many people thought that because they were kids and wanting to pick as a mother day gift, this was an overreaction, even though it is against the law to pick them. Some people were more sympathetic of the police. I could see both side of the argument I still liked to see what people think.

The more I looked, the more I was mortified by people comments. People were abusive, so much so they were abusive to each other simply because they did not agree, using bad language and hatred.
At times I felt tears come to my eyes with disbelief, how can people be so unkind to each other?

It was not just one or two horrid comments it was hundreds. In the end I pulled away as it was too much for me to see. Ultimately it was two children (aged 5 and 10 years old) who were trying to do something nice for their mother and the police officer was doing her job.

Lots of people blamed the Father who filmed it on his mobile phone. Comments along the lines of ‘if he could afford a mobile phone he can afford a couple of pound for his children to buy some daffodils from a shop’ were rife. None of the people commenting were there, no one really knew the facts about what happened or who was around.

It’s not my place to say who was in the right or wrong. Instead I found myself more in disbelief of these people taking to Facebook to have their say which is their right as ‘freedom of speech.’

Why do we all have to act in a manner or hatred? Where is the love?
Somehow my mind of happiness of spring and beautiful daffodils was momentarily over-shadowed by people and their comments.

Philippa Hanna’s Daffodil Song has good positive lyrics, “Everybody knows that a flower never grows, down in the shadows where the sun doesn't reach, and everybody knows that the spring's more beautiful with flowers in bloom for all the world to see, so go ahead and open, you're more than beautiful to me”.

The focus of this song is self-worth, and it helped me in my darkest times when I felt I could not see anything good in myself. When I felt broken and felt I can’t, or don’t want to go on, yet this simple song reminded me of good times, when God blessed me and reminded me of his love for me.

So why am I linking these together? Before we take to Facebook and write our views on a topic, think about how others may be affected others by our words. It is important to not belittle someone or make them feel worthless just because someone disagrees with your viewpoint. Comments can hurt deeper than we realise. We don’t have all the facts on newspaper stories and neither do we have facts on people’s lives.

As a child when someone called me names I was told the old rhyme “Sticks and Stones can break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” The trouble is this is unequivocally wrong. Words hurt, they can bury down deep into the mind. A lifetime of negativity can lead people to get trapped within their own prison with bars made of other people’s words. Comments can affect all of us, and for those who are more sensitive these can be life changing.

I am sure you have seen the meme that has been around Facebook many times, here’s a version of it;


Many things go on behind people’s eyes that we don’t know about. We know that we have been told to love one another and Paul goes even further when he tells us “Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.” Phil 2v3

So whether face to face, or on Social Media, think of the beautiful daffodil and remember to love each other.

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