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Book Review: The Watchman Of Kerioth by David Staines
There is a door that lies between the worlds of men and angels. When orphans Joshua and Lucy are summoned by their grandfather, who has disowned them, they feel convinced that his intentions are far from charitable, Sure enough, they soon find themselves each on a...
Book Review: Northern Soul by David O'Brien
Set in the north of England, this book tells the remarkable story of how God transformed the life of a punk and football hooligan into one of devotion and service to Jesus. Would it bother you if your vicar or pastor was a former skinhead, punk-rocker...
Book Review: The Atlas Legacy by Colin Newton
“The problem is Seb Lowry.” Several eyebrows were raised. “Unfortunately, he’s somehow stumbled on to something important…” Lost civilization hunter Seb Lowry, young archaeologist Bethany Fisher, and gap year student Josiah Hope, stumble across a trail from the ancient past. Ranging across Europe in a quest to unravel cryptic...
Book Review: God's Kaleidoscope by George Falconer
The Christian life is like a kaleidoscope; one never knows what the next pattern will be. Life events are just like the colours, full of surprises. George Falconer’s faith led him to the red light district in Amsterdam, working amongst prostitutes, the homeless and other needy people living in...
Book Review: The Mind Connection by Joyce Meyer
Are your thoughts random and meaningless, or do they affect your life in ways you have not yet understood? In THE MIND CONNECTION, Joyce Meyer explains that the quality of your thoughts directly affects your quality of life. What you think impacts your words, attitude, decisions...
Book Review: The Unofficial Bible For Minecrafters by Garrett Romines, Christopher Miko
Since 2009, Minecraft has taken the gaming world by storm. Now hugely popular with children, those familiar with the phenomenon will love this new world and the adventures of God's people. Garrett Romines, and Christopher Miko; skilled in using games and toys to...
Book Review: Revelation Road by Nick Page
If you're reading this, we're still alive. The end of the world has not occurred. But it can't be long now, can it? For two thousand years, the Book of Revelation  has inspired countless conspiracy theorists, film-makers, writers and artists, as well as theologians and teachers....
Book Review: My Journey So Far by Andrew White
Andrew White is something of a legend: a man of great charm and energy, whose personal suffering has not deflected him from his role as one of the world’s most trusted mediators and reconcilers. As a child and young man growing up in London Andrew was frequently ill. He...
Book Review: Filthy Rich by Manoj Raithatha
The property tycoon who struck real gold. "Why not spend £35million on one big day out?" The Daily Telegraph on Manoj's growing property empire, 2005 Manoj Raithatha had it all. A booming property business, a picture-book family and the power to shape his destiny. His was...
Book Review: Tails I Lose by Justyn Rees Larcombe
A little flutter. Harmless fun. A sociable and often glamorous way to try your luck. This is how gambling is frequently portrayed in television and social media advertising. Almost three quarters of all adults in the UK have gambled at some point in the last year, but...
93 results - showing 81 - 90  
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