Book Review: Riding High With Jesus by Colleen Hurd

May 07, 2017
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Book Review: Riding High With Jesus  by Colleen Hurd

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From early childhood years in rural South Africa to retirement years ministering in UK rest homes, Colleen Hurd’s testimony shows how God often leads us on unexpected paths in order for us to reach our divine destiny.

Colleen’s journey takes her around the world, including an extended period in Israel. As she simply makes herself available to serve wherever she is, miracles and remarkable events unfold.

Colleen shares her joys – such as her growing family, new ventures, God’s provision and encouragement, and supernatural encounters – as well as her sorrows – such as her husband’s sudden death, difficult relationships and financial loss. Yet she demonstrates how God uses all things to lead her forwards, unfold His purposes, and bring compassion and comfort to the lives of those around her.

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Riding High With Jesus
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This is another autobiography from Onwards and Upwards Christian Publishers who have really got their teeth into letting people share their incredible stories. This book is the story of Colleen Hurd and her life from the early beginnings in South Africa as a child and the vivid memories of what life was like for her, along with the steady and faithful testimony of her Mum and Dad. The early memories of Church and faith, holidays by the beach and school, from being a pupil to being a teacher in her own right. For some that would be a good portion of their lifetime, but there is so much more to this story as she meets her husband and they start their family. From running a supplies store for their Zulu neighbours and then eventually having to give up that very rural life and work on farms, her husband working in marketing and a busier life. Through these years life has many ups and downs including health scares and financial troubles as well as God's gentle prompting and provision in their lives.

As the children grew up there are incidents and laughter and as they grow and become independence there is the opportunity to pursue something new and different. That was certainly the case for Colleen and Peter who after a quick tour of the Holy Land felt called to go to Israel for a longer term to serve God there. As they work through the next steps for their lives God takes them back into Africa and ministry and then suddenly Peter passed away. Some people would give up on life at this point but Colleen's testimony was to know God's peace, He wasn't finished with those he wanted to reach through her life yet there was more for her to do and it wouldn't just be limited to South Africa. She has played a significant role in Brighton and Hove City mission working in the care homes.

This book is one that is replete with a lot of detailed descriptions of her life. For someone who is really interested this book carries a lot of information, where many books of this type tell some overarching stories of things that happened, this author really does gather together a whole load of memories giving extensive details about her life. This makes the book a bit heavier reading than it needs to be, and it seems like they are brief recollections, but they don't always feed into the main narrative and can seem disjointed. I love the gradual progress of this couple in their Christian lives, from the early days where faith is learned from the slow and faithful Father, through to discovering the Holy Spirit's impact and on to serving God as their primary focus and the acceptance that goes with the heartbreak of losing your closest companion, your husband. One thing this book did teach me is that now is not forever. Sometimes we look at our lives and we don't like the season that we are in and we think it's never going to change. When we are open to God's prompting He can and will move us to where we should be, and if He isn't prompting that right now then we are where we should be, but it might not be forever - and God could have something completely different around the corner for us if we just stay faithful.

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