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Book Review: My Mighty Son  by Virág Wheeler-Mezei
This is the story of a journey that few of us have to take; it is only for the bravest.Virág and James are two young people who are talented, bright and attractive. Soon after their beautiful marriage and reception in a castle in Hungary, they came to live in...
Book Review: John Sentamu's Agape Love Stories by Dr John Sentamu
In this moving and inspiring book, compiled by John Sentamu, 22 people, including Jean Vanier and Richard Taylor (the father of Damilola Taylor), explain how an experience of God's agape love gave them hope and changed lives. These are stories which stand as inspiring demonstrations of Christian faith in...
Book Review: Raised From Dust  by Alison Stedman
In this collection of poems, Alison takes us on a journey around the world, from the familiar sight of a homeless man on the streets to the wonders of Asian countryside and culture. With sentiments echoing Ecclesiastes, she mourns the transient nature of our lives and all that we...
Book Review: Child Of Mine by Marianne Edwins
Marianne Edwins' early life was a downward sprial of disasters: broken relationships, unplanned pregnancies, severe financial hardships and faithless men, in an environment of crime, violence and misogyny. Increasingly her life lacked hope, lacked peace, lacked love. Then one day, on an ordinary walk in the countryside with a...
Book Review: How Shall They Hear?  by John Mollitt
This collection of memoirs paints the life of a country preacher in broad strokes, through poignant anecdotes that will at times make you smile, at other times pause to reflect John Mollitt was born in the Lune Valley, near to Lancaster. After an early career in...
Book Review: Dirty Glory  by Pete Greig
Following on from the success of Red Moon Rising, which tells the story of the first five years of the 24-7 prayer movement, Dirty Glory describes stories of transformation, from a walled city of prostitution in Mexico to the nightclubs of Ibiza, and invites people to experience the presence...
Book Review: Bible In One Year (Audio Book)  by David Suchet
The NIV Audio Bible read by David Suchet has been arranged into daily readings to help you listen to the complete Bible in one year. In this digital download version, there is a portion from the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Psalms or Proverbs each day -...
Book Review: Behind The Smiles by  Jane Fucella
How does it feel to leave your country and live amongst people of unfamiliar language and customs? What are the challenges of presenting Jesus in a culture where traditional Christian practices hold no meaning? How can the church reach out to a society...
Book Review: The Shadow Doctor by Adrian Plass
The Shadow Doctor isn't your usual kind of doctor. Sure, you can bring him your problems - but the chances are his solutions will blow your mind. This man can see into your soul, and the cures he prescribes don't come from the pharmacy. If you have fears you...
Book Review: Knowing God Through The Year by J.I. Packer
'How can we turn our knowledge about God into knowledge of God? The rule for doing so is simple but demanding. It is that we turn each truth that we learn about God into matter for mediation before God, leading to prayer and praise to God. ...
91 results - showing 21 - 30  
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