Book Review: Bachelorette to Bride by Natasha Peto

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Updated November 20, 2017
Book Review: Bachelorette to Bride  by Natasha Peto

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Marriage is one of God's greatest gifts to us. It is one of the most blessed and exciting events in a woman's life, but there is also a sense of entering the unknown. Becoming a wife can feel simultaneously feel like a great privilege and a tall order!

This book has been written by a young bride, in the hope that she might provide some insight into the world of marriage for those who are thinking about marrying young. Natasha Peto unpacks the experiences, joys and challenges faced by the new bride, and offers helpful, practical advice that will help a young couple to enjoy their early married years together to the full, and to grow in intimacy and understanding towards one another.

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Bachelorette To Bride by Natasha Peto
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This book from Natasha Peto is a short look at issues that face Christian young ladies when they are considering taking the step of getting married, or the process is already underway. In a way it’s quite sweet that Natasha’s husband Tom has written the Foreword to the book. In his opening to the book he is keen to encourage the reader that this is not a guide, it is simply written to help a younger lady to understand the adaptions and stresses of marriage that they may not be prepared for.

The story that Natasha shares is one of dating in college, engaged at 21 and married at 22 and writing this book just 3 or so years later! There are some things in this book that are practical things about the wedding itself and others that are about what comes after the wedding and beyond; the phase of life where you are learning to live with each other.

It is fair to say that Natasha is a young lady who has tried to follow the teachings of the church and the Bible in areas like ‘no sex before marriage’ and, it seems, that she assumes that all other young Christian girls would too. There is a section in this book that deals with the pain of sex the first few times after marriage, which is helpful to know for a young girl who has never experienced sex or heard about this anywhere else. In another section, she talks about communication and the differences between the husband and wife, she talks about feelings and expresses from her point of view how Tom is more logical and less emotional. Unfortunately, because it is not part of her experience, Natasha does not highlight the need to talk about previous sexual encounters, which could be a huge hang-up for young women, or the prevalence of pornography warping the male (and female) view of sex.

Also related to these matters is the idea of children. I don’t actually think that it was mentioned at all. This, particularly within the Christian tradition, is a big part of marriage – a safe environment for children to be loved and cared for. For me it would be important that both partners considering marriage will, at least, have spoken about this step before they move into a marital relationship about their desire, or lack of, for a family.

Natasha also sees fit to include a chapter on celibacy, which seems very strange in a book to prepare young women for marriage. It would be OK if this were just a bit of a life story, but one would not expect someone contemplating staying single to really be reading this!

In these short 72 pages there is a lot of help, information, and a fair dollop of cheerful optimism about life, love and marriage. It is nice to see someone with a positive outlook on marriage. We are bombarded with unhappy marriages all over the news, TV and in culture it’s easy to see marriage as a negative experience. With divorce rates in the church as high as outside it (and, yes, I am one of those statistics) it is not even considered the ‘norm’ these days for Christian couples to stay together, so if this book helps just a little then that’s fantastic!

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